’90 Day Fiance’: Laura Jallali and Raul Dating – Says He’s Better in Bed Than Aladin

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Laura Jallali may have found a new man in Evelin Villegas‘ ex lover. Aladin Jallali‘s ex, Laura, teased a blossoming romance with a familiar face on the show, Raul Cabrera. In one of the strangest love triangle twists ever, it appears that Aladin Jallali’s estranged wife is dating Evelin Villegas’ former fling, who is also Cory Rathgeber’s former best friend.

Laura and Raul have been spending a lot of time together in Ecuador, along with another 90 Day Fiance star, Evelin Villegas. And now it seems they’ve taken their friendship to the next level, teasing some flirty moments online. Are Laura Jallali and Cory’s ex BFF, Raul Cabrera, really in love or are they just playing around? Or, is there an ulterior motive?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – Laura Jallali & Raul Cabrera In A Relationship?

Looks like love is in the air for Laura Jallali and Raul Cabrera. The 90 Day Fiance star and Evelin Villegas’ past hookup partner said they are now in a relationship, weeks after meeting each other in Ecuador. In a recent Instagram Live, Laura can be seen getting cozy with Raul. Apparently, the couple was having a drinking party with Evelin and a few other friends.

Laura Jallali and her new boy toy were all over each other as they announced “very interesting news” to her 90 Day Fiance followers. “I want you to know that myself and Raul have developed a very special relationship,” Laura confirmed before kissing Raul Cabrera.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way: Laura Jallali - Raul Cabrera

Laura Smitten With Raul – Throws Shade At Aladin

By the looks of it, Laura Jallali has already moved on from Aladin Jallali with Raul Cabrera. The 90 Day Fiance celeb has nothing but good words to say to Raul. In the same video, Laura described her new boyfriend as an “amazing man, sweet and adorable”. She goes on to say that she and Raul “have something very special”.

There’s no denying that Laura Jallali appears totally smitten with her new man, so much so that she publicly praised him for satisfying her needs in bed. The 90 Day Fiance celeb playfully teased about their sex life, saying Raul “knows how to please a woman”.

It seemed like Laura’s taken a jab against Aladin with her remark on Raul Cabrera’s skills in bed.  Laura has been very vocal about her dissatisfaction with Aladin’s “jiggy jiggy”.

Will Laura & Raul Join 90 Day Fiance?

With Laura Jallali and new boy-toy Raul Cabrera going public with their romance, many are wondering if they will join 90 Day Fiance soon. The couple managed to make a name for themselves during their stint on The Other Way but not as a couple. And while it’s true that they gained haters along the way, they seem to enjoy their time on the show.

Interestingly, it looks like Laura and Raul are not closing any doors on potentially joining the show. Laura even hinted about “really exciting news” about her and Raul moving forward. Could it be another 90 Day Fiance gig, this time as a couple?

Laura and Raul have many reasons for starting a romance that doesn’t involve love. Getting onto another season could give them some extra income. A storyline with Raul and Laura would be ratings gold for TLC’s 90 Day Fiance. But more importantly, she has no place to go. As a Canadian citizen, she was deported from the U.S. for overstaying her visa and working illegally. Now she’s in the same boat in Ecuador. Her tourist visa will expire soon, unless she gets a fiance (or a husband) and gets a PRV (Permanent Resident Visa), the equivalent of an American green card.

Raul Cabrera could be Laura Jallali’s ticket to stay in Ecuador permanently? The idea would perfectly fit in for another 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stint?


Fans Not Buying The Couples Supposed Romance

Meanwhile, not everyone’s convinced that Laura Jallali and her new man Raul Cabrera are really dating. Apparently, some think that the 90 Day Fiance stars are only doing it to get back at Aladin Jallali. Others believe it’s just another antic to gain publicity and hopefully a shot at another season on the show.

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