’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Won’t Date MF Broke Men Anymore – Trolls For Rich Guys Online

90 Day Fiance divorcee Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s trolling for a new man but vows she wants someone with lots of money this go round. She and her friend Heather Marianna did an Insta story on Larissa’s channel soliciting men for her to date but set up some strict parameters, mainly that they are rich. Will the Brazilian import get any takers? Here’s what they said and why Larissa seems desperate for a new man.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Dos Santos Lima – Looking for New Man

Days after 90 Day Fiance‘s Larissa dumped Eric Nichols via Instagram, it seems she’s trying to catch a man with money. Her Insta video with her pal is all about how she needs a new man and wants someone with stacks of cash. So, the first question is, who’s this woman who offered to screen new prospects for Larissa?

Her name is Heather Marianna and she owns The Beauty Kitchen. That’s the place that pimped Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s face and body scrub. However, that product run must not have been a home run, because Larissa’s 90 Day Fiance themed merch is nowhere to be found on the beauty product’s site.

Despite that, it seems the two are fast friends now. So much so that Heather’s offering to check out men before setting them up on dates with Larissa. Since Colt Johnson divorced her, and her rebound romance with Eric failed, will this greedy grab for a new man work out for the ex-90 Day Fiance cast member.

Larissa & Friend’s Profanity Fueled Matchmaking Video Sets Disturbing Tone

One of Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s constant complaints on 90 Day Fiance was about money. She was always griping to Colt Johnson about money and asking for pricy goods. Since their split, she’s constantly posted pics of her getting spendy cosmetic procedures and other costly habits.

Now, it seems Larissa wants a new man to finance her habits. So, here’s what Larissa and her pal Heather had to say. It was all about making sure that the 90 Day Fiance star gets a guy with money this go-round. And it’s pretty sketchy as far as fans are concerned. Here’s the transcript of their Insta live:

Heather: Listen, if you want to date my friend Larissa, you need to DM me. I need your mother f***ing social security number. I need your mother f***king credit score.

Larissa: Your mother f**ing eeencome.

Heather: Yeah, because this b**ch ain’t f***ing dating broke a** mother f***ers no more. Bye

So, you can quickly see that the 90 Day Fiance ex-wife is all about the Benjamins when shopping for a new relationship.

90 Day Fiance: Green Card for Larissa – Can She Stay Without a New Man?

Fans also want to know why the 90 Day Fiance is still in the US, much less looking for another man just days after she left the last one. Larissa Dos Santos Lima insists she’s got a green card in the works. Ex-hubby Colt says no. Perhaps another man’s the answer to her immigration issues (if there’s no green card).

Either way, this video seems to say that the most important thing to Larissa Dos Santos Lima is money – period. This won’t surprise many viewers of the TLC show after what they saw during her season with Colt Johnson and the Happily Ever After season – or her social posts…

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