’90 Day Fiance’: Kirlyam and Alan Cox Start New Adventure – Couple Moves Out Of Utah

90 Day Fiance couple Kirlyam and Alan Cox start a new adventure together as a family of three. When Alan Cox quit his job that he was working at in California, the couple moved in with Alan’s parents in Utah. Then, Alan’s job search comes to an end when he lands himself a new job. However, the job is in another state. The Cox family are headed to North Carolina.

90 Day Fiance – Alan Cox Finds New Job

Alan Cox wasn’t thrilled with his old job. Where he was working at didn’t allow him to be as creative as he wanted- something that he missed. The 90 Day Fiance husband found himself feeling unhappy. He started to feel like his dissatisfaction followed him home. Since it affected his family, he quit.

The 90 Day Fiance star only wanted to live with his parents so he would save money while he looked for another job. Alan Cox lets everyone know online that his search has ended and that they are moving to  NC. He writes that they’re “so excited to start this new adventure! We are so grateful to my parents for letting us stay with them in Utah until I found a job.”

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534 miles down only 1,470 to go… 😂😂🤣🤣😭😭 #roadtrip #moving

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Kirlyam Cox Wanted New Home To Be In Brazil

Kirlyam Cox and her husband Alan will be renting a house for a year. The Brazilian native and Alan will be living in the Charlotte area. Alan Cox asks on social media if “anyone have suggestions on some good neighborhoods or possible houses for rent?” Before the 90 Day Fiance couple left Utah they wanted to make sure they have a house to go to.

The 90 Day Fiance Brazilian native wanted to move back to Brazil with her family. Kirlyam Cox wants her family in Brazil to be able to see Liam grow up. Alan even showed some interest in moving to Brazil. He writes online that that he wanted to move to Brazil, but it “we wished we could have moved to Brazil, unfortunately it just wasn’t in the cards.” He adds that they plan to move there in the future so his wife Kirlyam can be closer to her family.

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No chairs, no tables, no couch, no food, no problem 🤣🤣🤣😂😂 thanks @dominos

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90 Day Fiance Couple Loving NC

Alan Cox and his wife Kirlyam Cox take a road trip to their new home. They drive from Utah to the Charlotte area. Kirlyam and her husband Alan document their road trip online. Kirlyam is grateful that Liam was able to handle the move well. Then, she writes “Liam is the best. Even though is a long and tiring trip he is super ok with it.” Happy baby, happy mommy.

The 90 Day Fiance reality stars finally make it to their destination. Kirlyam Cox and Alan seems to be enjoying everything about their new home state. They’re even enjoying the rainy weather. In a video, Alan explains that he “loves North Carolina.” Kirlyam adds “I love the smell.” It may not be Brazil, but they are happy with their new surroundings.

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