’90 Day Fiance’: Kenneth’s Romantic Proposal to Armando

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way‘s Kenneth Niedermeier has a giant question to ask Armando Rubio in this week’s episode. That’s right, he’s getting down on one knee and proposing. And fans couldn’t be more excited for their favorite couple. Plus, Kenneth’s daughters flew to Mexico in order to be there for the big moment. It’s definitely going to be one to remember. So, how’s Kenneth going to pull it off?

90 Day Fiance: Kenneth Niedermeier Lies to Armando Rubio

Although Kenneth Niedermeier and love Armando Rubio had their issues, it looks like things are finally settling for the The Other Way couple. Not only did they had to overcome stark homophobia, but Kenneth struggled with culture shock after arriving in Mexico. It’s caused plenty of drama on 90 Day Fiance between him and Armando, but they pushed through it.

Now they’ve moved into together and Kenneth Niedermeier is ready to take a big step in their 90 Day Fiance relationship. He tells Armando he’s going to open a bank account. Armando Rubio says he’ll go with him but Kenneth is adamant about going alone. That’s because he’s telling a little white lie and has a much bigger plan in store.

90 Day Fiance: Kenneth Neidermeier - Armando Rubio - The Other Way

Something Much Bigger About to Happen

As it turns out, there is no bank account. That was just a “cover story to get out of the house.” What Kenneth Niedermeier is really doing in the next 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way episode is much more important and secretive. So, it’s something that needs to be a total surprise for Armando Rubio. He’s getting ready to propose to Armando and he couldn’t be more excited.

Kenneth Niedermeier reveals he’s going to the hotel because his daughter Taylor and Cassie arrived. Although he’s only been in Mexico for a week, he asked his daughters come witness something really special — his proposal to his 90 Day Fiance love, Armando.

90 Day Fiance: Kenneth Shows Daughters Proposal Site

Kenneth Niedermeier takes his daughters to the exact spot he’s going to sweep Armando Rubio off his feet. It’s a giant sea stack above the ocean. Kenneth plans on taking Armando down onto it before getting down on one knee and popping the big question on 90 Day Fiance.

Kenneth tells his daughters that they are going to stand up on the cliff over the site so that they can join them when they finish. Can you believe it’s finally time for Armando Rubio and love Kenneth Niedermeier? There’s no doubt he’ll say yes. Watch The Other Way on Monday at 9/8c on TLC to see the romance.

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