’90 Day Fiance’ Julia Wants To Say Yes To The Dress – Recap

On 90 Day Fiance, Julia Trubkina is excited to try on wedding dresses but Brandon Gibbs doesn’t seem to share her enthusiasm. Stephanie Davison welcomes back up booty call cousin Harris to ride out her final days in Belize. Yara Zaya wants Jovi Dufren to get his act together or else. Natalie Mordovtseva is ready to let go of the past. And Rebecca Parrott wants to ride off into the sunset with Zied Hakimi in her dream wedding. Pop your lasagna in the oven and let’s dig into season 8 episode 12 About Last Night.

Julia Tries On Dresses With A Little Help on 90 Day Fiance

Julie Trubkina is relieved she’s not pregnant. She’s ready to plan her wedding to her 90 Day Fiance Brandon Gibbs. She helps Brandon’s mom Betty Gibbs make lasagna. And admits it’s not something she’s ever eaten in Russia. The family eats outside together and discuss the pandemic. Pest control engineer Brandon says someone followed him around with Lysol at a recent job. And thinks the k-1 visa will be extended due to the virus.

Brandon’s parents tell him to get the paperwork done and not take chances. The couple announce they plan to wedding dress shop soon. And Betty is all about it. Julia isn’t too keen on mother Betty tagging along. But she does anyway because well, she’s Betty. Julia and Betty really seem excited about her getting a dress. Brandon is bored but helps out getting Julia’s mom on a FaceTime call so she can join the fun.

Julia goes to try on dresses on 90 Day Fiance and Brandon suggests to his mom that she not make faces or negative comments. Good advice. Betty actually is excited and likes all the dresses. Julia likes the first one she tried.  Brandon is bored and doesn’t understand the fuss. Julia is a little frustrated by his lack of interest. But Betty explains it best when she says it isn’t something guys really get. So it seems these two are finally headed to the altar.

Stephanie Calls For Some Familiar Back Up in Belize

Things blew up for Stephanie Davison when her much younger 90 Day Fiance Ryan Carr got sneaky in the bedroom and ditched the glow in the dark condom. Stephanie threw him out, cried, and had some tough words for the year 2020. Once the dust settled she called up Ryan’s cousin Harris. Who she slept with once before after Ryan screwed up. Harris is happy to oblige this cougar in distress.

Stephanie spends the morning attempting to pop Mylar balloons that are on their last few hours of life. When it doesn’t work she stabs them with a kitchen utensil and tosses them to the porch while barking orders to get them off her porch. Harris takes a four hour bus ride followed by a two hour boat ride to reach the island. He’s eager to offer her a fuzzy nut as a goodwill gesture. Oh, he meant a coconut.

Stephanie explains that it’s over with her 90 Day Fiance Ryan. And locks Harris in to stay with her the remainder of her boozy Belize vacation. Harris is all in. He knew that Ryan wasn’t the guy for her. Stephanie tells him that he means alot to her and how much she appreciates him by almost calling him Ryan. Stephanie sends hims off to shower to so she can collect her welcome coconuts.

Yara Calls Out Jovi’s Partying On 90 Day Fiance

It’s the morning after Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya’s engagement party. Jovi had a great time drinking with friends but Yara is super fed up with every day being a frat party. She wants Jovi to sober up for good. But this isn’t something he’s up for. He doesn’t see the big deal but promises to do better and be there for Yara. She wipes back tears while saying she doesn’t want to cry over Jovi.

They head to the kitchen for coffee with Jovi’s parents. Jovi’s dad admits he had a little too much fun at the party and doesn’t remember much. Proof the beer can doesn’t fall too far from the keg. Jovi has a work trip coming up so they talk about their wedding on 90 Day Fiance. Yara is quick to point out since her family isn’t there she’d like it to be just the two of them at the nuptials.

Of course this isn’t exactly the hair of the dog his folks were hoping for and his mom says it isn’t cool. Yara excuses herself for a shower and Jovi says he will not be taking on this issue today with everything else going on. Later the couple cruise Bourbon Street and Jovi tries to explain Mardi Gras. But he doesn’t know much about it other than people get really really drunk and throw beads. But they end up making out on the street so maybe there’s hope for these two after all.

Natalie Is Willing To Get Over The Past to Secure Her Future

Natalie Mordovtseva strolls through the grounds of Mike Youngquist’s farm searching for answers and avoiding the ghost of Uncle Beau. She calls her friend back in the Ukraine for advice. She admits she shouldn’t have given the ring back that fateful night in Kiev. And she still thinks Mike cheated with his best gal pal Sara on 90 Day Fiance. Her friend tells her she’s moving too fast. Put the brakes on and decide what you really want. Natalie chews a dandelion and ponders what’s next.

It doesn’t take her long to figure out that what she really wants is her damn ring back and a wedding before her visa expires. So she tells MIke she won’t ever bring up the incident again and that she loves him. Mike is surprised. He feels good about it. But still seems on the fence. Natalie girl, you should’ve sweetened the deal with a case of beer and a side of beef. Then you might get somewhere.

Zied Likes Fancy Appliances But Wants a Simple Wedding on 90 Day Fiance

Zied Hakimi marvels at the dishwasher in Rebecca Parrot’s cavernous loft. She’s been working a lot. Zied is pretty bored and antsy day after day. Rebecca finally takes a day off and rents a cabin for the night so the two can get away. The place also has a place for wedding ceremonies. So Rebecca printed out the Groupon and off they go. Zied is thrilled to see a horse drawn carriage.  Rebecca wants to tour the grounds to see about getting married there.

Her 90 Day Fiance Zied doesn’t seem too thrilled. He talks about the pandemic and how just going to the courthouse to say I do might be the best thing. This is odd to Rebecca and causes flashbacks to her ex (what doesn’t). Later Rebecca hopes a fireplace and a jacuzzi will get Zied in the mood for a romantic wedding. He says he can’t marry her once Ramadan starts and this is the first that Rebecca has heard of this.

He explains that they need to get married quick or else they won’t be able to stay in the same house together once Ramadan starts. Of course Rebecca is pretty confused. She won’t be able to live in her own house unless these two tie the knot pronto. She’s upset because Zied never brought this up till now. Zied gets a little flustered and she tells him not to raise his voice. So we shall see how these two handle this next challenge.

Tarik Seeks Advice From Ex MInty

Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan spend some quality time with his daughter. Then the 90 Day Fiance couple check their website profile where they are desperately seeking a girlfriend seeking to be a sister wife to them. Hazel clearly never watched much MTV back in the Philippines as she has no idea what he means when he calls some of the girls on the site catfish. Hazel does make clear that Thai is off the menu.

It seems Tarik likes all things Thai and this makes Hazel jealous. In fact when they did have a third party named Minty she was Thai. And Hazel sensed that Tarik was feeling pretty fresh when she was around. So they ditched her. But Tarik recently admitted to tossing off a few texts to Minty. Just to check on her amid the pandemic. Hazel senses it was more than that. She isn’t exactly thrilled when he suggests they chat her up for advice.

On 90 Day Fiance, Hazel is cold to Minty from the jump. And aggravated that Tarik finds her beautiful. Minty admits that she carries a torch for Tarik. And if he wasn’t with Hazel she thinks they’d be together. Tarik explains how they are having trouble finding a new girl. And Minty suggests they give her another go round. Hazel of course is not ok with this. Her confidence in her relationship is shaken.

Andrew Just Doesn’t Get It On 90 Day Fiance

Amira Lollysa and Andrew Kenton are getting to the wire with time on her K-1 visa. A failed jaunt to Mexico has left Amira with trauma and Andrew with tan lines. Amira’s dad isn’t happy that Andrew didn’t even try to find Amira when she was detained in Mexico City. When Amira tells her dad that next Andrew wants her to travel to Serbia, he tells her how he really feels. That if she does he may stop speaking to her.

So, Amira is pretty distraught on 90 Day Fiance. Andrew arranges a video chat with an immigration attorney and drinks from a mug with his own face on it. The attorney suggests that Amira’s answers in Mexico City might have led to her being detained. She also says the Serbia plan could work. But they could also just file for an extension since the pandemic could make that possible. Amira likes that choice but Andrew gets a little defensive. Till next time!

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