’90 Day Fiance’: Jorge Nava Shows Major Weight Loss In Recent Mugshot – Slimming Down for Anfisa Reunion?

90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava looks like he lost weight during his time spent in prison. His recent mugshot shows a slimmer Jorge. At least his face looks a lot slimmer. Jorge looks like a different person from when he was first charged.  If everything goes his way, Jorge can be let out of prison as early as next summer. Though, it is not clear what his life or relationship with his wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava will be like after his release.

90 Day Fiance – Jorge Nava Serving Time In Prison

Jorge Nava was arrested after being caught with a large amount of marijuana last year. He was facing charges of “attempt to commit marijuana violation”. His sentence was for two and a half years. This meant that Jorge’s spouse, Anfisa Nava would be left by herself in a country she was just starting her new life in. Like Anfisa, Jorge has also been keeping busy while behind bars.

While in prison, the 90 Day Fiance alum has been keeping very busy. Soap Dirt previously reported that Jorge Nava has been spending his time at work behind bars. He has had a few different jobs since entering prison. Jorge first had a job as a garbage collector. But, that didn’t last too long. Then he spent some time working in the kitchen. Starting off as a kitchen clerk and then to a kitchen cook.

90 Day Fiance: Jorge Nava

TLC Star Loses Weight During Sentence

In his recent mugshot, Jorge Nava is looking noticeably different. While in prison, it seems like the 90 Day Fiance celeb has been losing a lot of weight. Jorge could have been working on his health and fitness. Or what they say about jail food being disgusting is true. And he hasn’t been eating much of it. Either way, there is no denying that he has dropped some pounds.

The 90 Day Fiance TLC reality star still has at least a year left on his sentence. If Jorge Nava continues to lose weight, Anfisa Nava may just introduce him to the world of bodybuilding. That is if the two are still a couple. According to a recent life update video from Anfisa, her personal life and relationship status is not topic she wants to address. Will Jorge have a wife to come home to?

When Will Jorge Be Free?

The 90 Day Fiance cast member committed his crime early last year. But, Jorge Nava’s sentence didn’t start until later that same year. By being sentenced to serve two and a half years meant that he would not be released until 2021. However, it seems there is a chance he may be free a lot sooner. It looks like him helping out with kitchen duties and good behavior may be paying off.

According to reports, Jorge Nava’s release could be as soon as summer 2020. This report states that the 90 Day Fiance California resident’s prison release date is in August 2020. Which is less than a year away. Although, the max time he can spend in jail is up until March 2021. Meanwhile, fans want to know if Anfisa will still be waiting on him.

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