’90 Day Fiance’: Jorge Nava Says He’ll Leave Anfisa After Jail – But He’s Already Dumped

90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava plans to leave Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava once he is out of prison. Anfisa has seemingly already moved on from her marriage to Jorge. She has been dating a man that’s not her husband. So, it looks like Jorge’s decision was already made for him. Since Anfisa already left him first. There is definitely some confusion in that situation. But, Jorge seems ready to be single anyway.

90 Day Fiance: Jorge Nava Leaving Estranged Wife

Jorge Nava is currently in prison on drug charges. According to reports, the imprisoned 90 Day Fiance celeb plans to serve Anfisa Nava with divorce papers. Jorge’s release day is quickly approaching. However, he fears that his release date could be delayed. Due to the recent virus outbreak. But, regardless of the date, he will be getting those papers as soon as he is out.

The 90 Day Fiance reality star claimed that he and Anfisa Nava remained in contact in the early days of his jail sentence. But as time went by, Jorge Nava and his soon-to-be ex-wife Anfisa hardly kept in contact. Jorge felt like she abandoned him while he was doing time. He also said that she left him to be with another man.

90 Day Fiance: Jorge Nava

Anfisa Nava Starts Relationship with Another Man

Anfisa Nava recently went public about her new relationship. She is dating someone by the name of Leo Assaf. She and Leo became a couple earlier this year. There are pictures of the two online spending Valentine’s Day together. But was her 90 Day Fiance marriage with Jorge Nava already over before she started dating Leo?

The 90 Day Fiance alum kept the status of her relationship with Jorge Nava quiet. But, now it is clear that the two are no longer together. Although, it is not clear who broke up with who first. Jorge can’t really dump Anfisa Nava if she already dumped him first.  But, if Anfisa is the reason why they are ending their marriage the timing definitely seems suspicious.

90 Day Fiance: Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava - Leo Assaf

90 Day Fiance Couple’s Marriage Ending

While in prison, Jorge Nava and Anfisa Nava hit their three year 90 Day Fiance wedding anniversary. They most likely did nothing to celebrate. Since Jorge said he and Anfisa have gone their separate ways. However, being married to Jorge for three years meant that she should already have her 10-year green card. If she does, she is also able to divorce freely.

The reason for the 90 Day Fiance couple calling it quits is not clear. Anfisa Nava and Jorge Nava could’ve been dealing with marital issues while he was behind bars. Causing them to end their marriage. It is also possible that Anfisa waited until she had a more permanent visa before moving on from her husband. The only thing that is for sure, Jorge’s recent major weight loss means he’s ready to see what single life has to offer.

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