’90 Day Fiance’: Jihoon Lee Worries Fans with Unusual Late-Night Escapade

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Jihoon Lee is still struggling with his separation from his child Taeyang Scuti Lee. The TLC star was heartbroken after his wife, Deavan Clegg, took the little boy back to America without his consent.

Things got even more stressful as his Deavan Clegg continues to throw accusations against him. Many 90 Day Fiance fans don’t believe Deavan as she has been less than honest with them in the past. Now, Jihoon has the pain of seeing his wife’s boyfriend, Topher Park, taking over his role as Taeyang’s dad.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way: Jihoon Lee Belts Out to Hide Sorrow?

Looks like Jihoon Lee’s tough situation is slowly taking a toll on him. The 90 Day Fiance alum has been away from his only child for a few months now and it still feels as difficult as day one. Jihoon has been keeping himself busy lately, apparently to lessen his sadness.

Jihoon Lee is spending more “me time” whenever he gets the chance. Just recently, he surprised everyone with his hidden talent. The 90 Day Fiance cast member made an unexpected late-night outing to a karaoke bar. A video shows Jihoon singing out a couple of Korean songs, showcasing his impressive singing skills. He had just gotten off from his work as a food delivery driver when he visited the karaoke bar.

90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Lee - The Other Way

Jihoon Worries ‘The Other Way’ Fans

Jihoon Lee’s unusual late-night getaway at the karaoke somehow worried his fans. Apparently, they think the 90 Day Fiance celeb sang his heart out to hide away his sorrow. They pointed out that Deavan Clegg’s husband looked miserable even at a lively setup like the karaoke place.

It’s as if Jihoon is trying hard to hide what he really feels. After all, he’s been very vocal about the pain of being separated from Taeyang.

90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Lee - The Other Way

90 Day Fiance Star Says He’s Broken Inside

Meanwhile, Jihoon Lee recently revealed that he’s just pretending to be okay since Deavan Clegg left him and took their son. The 90 Day Fiance celebrity said he “looks fine on the outside” but is actually breaking on the inside. Jihoon said being away from Taeyang has been really difficult, not only for him but for his parents as well.

Jihoon revealed that his mother and father couldn’t sleep at night thinking about their grandchild. The doting grandparents worry that they will never be able to see Taeyang again. Despite his struggles, Jihoon Lee tries his best to remain positive. He thanked his supporters and promised them that he’ll get back up stronger and better than ever.

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