’90 Day Fiance’: Jesse Meester Flirts with Jeniffer – Getting Revenge on Tim Malcolm?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cast member Jeniffer Tarazona (Tim Malcolm‘s girlfriend) and Jesse Meester are in the news. After Jeniffer posted a video online, Jesse Meester commented and she back. This caused 90 Day Fiance fans to start speculating about the two.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Jesse Meester Putting Moves on Jeniffer Tarazona?

Tim Malcolm’s 90 Day Fiance‘s girlfriend Jeniffer Tarazona posted a short video clip online and fellow TLC cast member Jesse Meester made a comment on her “energy”.  He included a fire emoji and a blue heart. Jeniffer replied back with a cat face emoji and a flower. This got an instant reaction among TLC followers.

Some 90 Day Fiance fans even started shipping the pair, while others reacted negatively to the idea. Either way, Jeniffer Tarazona’s latest antics are getting a lot of reactions online. Fans are often split when it comes to Jesse. And, his response to Jeniffer Tarazona is no different. Was it just an innocent compliment among fellow TLC stars? Or, could there be something more behind it?

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90 Day Fiance: Jesse Meester Getting Revenge on Tim Malcolm?

Perhaps Jesse Meester is getting back at Tim Malcolm following the recent 90 Day Fiance: Tell-All. Tim Malcolm refused to shake his hand and went into attack mode. Tim and Darcey Silva are good friends, which may explain Tim’s reaction to Darcey’s ex showing up. It’s possible this was an attempt to settle the score and throw some shade his way.

Jesse Meester said he was at the Tell-All to talk about himself and give fans an update. To be fair to Jesse, this is probably what producers told him he was there for. Also, since Jesse appeared in every episode in flashbacks and dialog, he was a huge part of the season and it made sense for him to be at the Tell-All.

But, fellow cast members Avery Mills and Tim Malcolm doubted his intentions. They believed he showed up just to get under Darcey Silva’s skin. And, they let him have it backstage. Later, Avery confessed that the 90 Day Fiance production team asked her to stir the pot with Jesse. She later apologized to him.

Could Jesse’s flirting with Jeniffer be a subtle dig at Tim Malcolm?


Is Jesse Single?

Jesse Meester is currently involved with another woman. He said at the Tell-All that he didn’t want to put a label on it. But, they spent a month together in the Greek islands. And, they seem to be moving toward something solid. Still, that hasn’t stopped some 90 Day Fiance watchers from commenting on how cute Jesse Meester and Jeniffer Tarazona would look together as a couple. Many say that Jesse is everything that Tim is not, and that the man from Amsterdam is more her type.

Jesse Meester said he wants to put as much distance between himself and Darcey Silva as he can. But, he doesn’t seem to officially be in a relationship just yet. Meanwhile, Jeniffer Tarazona recently told a fan online that she’s technically single because she’s neither married nor engaged. Could that leave the door open for someone like Jesse to swoop in?

There seems to be a lot of back and forth currently surrounding Tim Malcolm and Jeniffer. And, the ambiguity surrounding Jesse’s relationship status is likely to fuel the speculation further among 90 Day Fiance fans. This is definitely going to be a situation to keep an eye on moving forward.

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