’90 Day Fiance’: Jay Smith Gets Face Tattoo as Deportation Looms

90 Day Fiance‘s Jay Smith got a face tattoo celebrating his homeland of Jamaica. With all the deportation talk floating around online, the Jamaican tattoo artist may see his home country sooner than later. There’s a lot going on right now for him and Ashley Martson. What’s the latest on Jay’s new ink and deportation status?

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith Gets Tattoo Representing Jamaica

Since his introduction on 90 Day Fiance, Jay Smith has been adamant about showcasing his love for the Caribbean country. Now, it looks like he took that love to the next level and made it permanent. Jay Smith recently posted a video on Instagram of him getting a tattoo on his face. It looks like it’s in the shape of the country. But, some commenters have other ideas as far as what it really looks like.

The majority of the reactions aren’t positive. Some 90 Day Fiance watchers criticize the design. Others scoff at the idea of getting a face tattoo in the first place. One commenter said it’s bad for job prospects and makes him “unemployable”. But, if he continues in his career as a tattoo artist, that may not be a problem down the line. Still, most 90 Day Fiance viewers are against the placement of the ink.

90 Day Fiance: Will Jay Go Back to Jamaica?

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson have had a rocky relationship from the start. With all the fake weddings and alleged scheming, there is a general level of distrust among 90 Day Fiance watchers when it comes to this former couple. But, it looks like the deportation claims are the real deal. Ashley Martson said she filled out the proper paperwork to allow him to stay in the United States but withdrew it. And, based on events that unfolded on Happily Ever After, it certainly seems she left it that way.

The deportation talk took shape again once it was revealed that Jay Smith had sex with another female in the bathroom of the local barber shop that was featured on the TLC show. There is evidence of this based on customer reviews of the establishment.

The now-deleted comments make it pretty clear in terms of what went on at the shop. One reviewer wrote that the service was great but the “sex sounds” coming from the restroom were “annoying”. Another commenter seemingly verified that someone went to town on a woman in the bathroom. The comments don’t out the Jamaican playboy specifically, but many 90 Day Fiance followers are connecting the dots.

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith - Instagram

Verdict Coming in August – Ashley Martson Wants Jay Out

One way or another, it looks like things will be decided at Jay Smith’s court date on August 7, 2019. Ashley Martson claims she did file for his adjustment of status but withdrew the filing after Jay messed up. This is all playing out on the heels of Ashley Martson being charged with throwing a fire extinguisher through Jay Smith’s window while drinking.

There’s a lot of he said, she said circling Ashley Martson and her former lover. But, they seem to be laying the blame on each other. It’ll be interesting to see if Jay Smith packs his bags following his upcoming hearing.

Watch more drama play out on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Sunday nights on TLC.

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