’90 Day Fiance’: Fernanda’s Waitress Job Draws Mixed Reaction Online – Did She Get Her Working Visa?

90 Day Fiance alum Fernanda Flores may be pursuing a modeling career but that doesn’t stop her from working a normal job. The 21-year-old Mexico native allegedly works as a waitress when she’s not walking the runway or posing for magazines. Apparently, Jonathan Rivera’s ex-wife hustles hard to financially support herself now that she’s living independently in Chicago.

As expected, Fernanda’s side gig as a server drew various reactions from her fans and haters alike. While some lauded Fernanda for her hard work, others were more critical of it.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Flores Works As A Waitress In Chicago?

Soap Dirt first revealed the scoop about Fernanda’s waitress job. According to our report, Fernanda Flores is working as a “trainee” in a restaurant called Shore Club. This is despite the uncertainties of her immigration status following her split from Jonathan Rivera.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Flores
90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Flores

More Proof Of Fernanda’s Job

Now, new leaks confirm that Fernanda Flores is indeed working as a waitress. John Yates shared more photos of Jonathan Rivera’s ex hustling hard as a server. In the snap, the 90 Day Fiance star appeared to be working on her shift as a server during 4th of July.

Fernanda rocked short shorts on top of an American flag-inspired swimsuit. She also let down her long hair, which completed her beach look. The reality star appeared to be cleaning tables outside.

The tipper claimed that Fernanda wasn’t thrilled to have her photo taken at work. She also said that the reality star looks even more gorgeous in person, adding that she’s really “working her a** off”.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Gets Praises From Fans

Many were quick to express their admiration for Fernanda Flores. The 90 Day Fiance celebrity got praises for doing an actual job instead of solely relying on her 15 minutes of fame. She’s also commended for not doing fundraisers, which seemingly became a go-to solution by many 90 Day Fiance cast members.

Aside from that, Fernanda was also lauded for not letting her celebrity-like lifestyle dictate what she could and could not do career-wise. Jonathan Rivera’s estranged wife served as an inspiration to many independent women as well. Fernanda proves that despite her age and nasty separation from Jonathan, she can still support herself in a proper way.


90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Roasted As Well

However, not everyone’s a fan of Fernanda Flores’ new job. Some pointed out that she has not mentioned about his waitress position on social media. She has only been posting about her modeling gigs and made no mention of being a waitress at all.

This led to speculations that Fernanda might be embarrassed with her normal job. It’s as if she’s leading a double life and only wants to project herself as a fabulous model. She hasn’t even talked about it on any of her social media posts. Perhaps she wants to keep her work-life as private as possible, especially with all the negativity she’s been getting online.

Did Fernanda Obtain Her Working Visa?

With Fernanda Flores’ modeling gigs and job as a waitress, some are asking if she already got a working permit. The 90 Day Fiance celeb entered the U.S. under K-1 Visa. That made her ineligible to work legally unless she gets her green card. But with her impending divorce from Jonathan Rivera, it might be a bit challenging to acquire it.

However, it is worth noting that she has other US-based relatives helping her out. That being said, it’s likely that she managed to obtain a permanent residency through them. So far, Fernanda has yet to confirm nor deny any of the speculations.

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