’90 Day Fiance’ Exclusive: Josh Seiter Burns Yolanda Out of His Life

90 Day Fiance ex Josh Seiter told us exclusively the lengths he’s gone to so he can cut Yolanda Leak out of his life. We first met her on the TLC show when she was allegedly catfished by Williams, although that guy never appeared on the show. Then, according to Josh, the mom of six tricked him. Now, he’s looking to burn away memories of her so he can enjoy a fresh start in 2021.

90 Day Fiance Rebound: Josh Seiter Wants a Better 2021

Bachelorette alum Josh Seiter had a rough 2020, like most of us. The lockdown left him stuck at home, struggling. The mental health advocate told us the total isolation wasn’t easy on him. Then, things seemed to take a turn for the better in August 2020 on a birthday trip to Las Vegas.

As the gambling mecca reopened, Josh Seiter went with friends for a much-needed weekend getaway. There he met 90 Day Fiance‘s Yolanda Leak on the strip but didn’t know at first she was a reality cast member. After they sparked in-person with instant chemistry, they chatted online.

And Josh was smitten by the person he thought Yolanda was — he tells Soap Dirt. In rapid sequence, he decided to propose and tattooed his new love’s name on his arm. However, the 90 Day Fiance single mom betrayed him, he says, and now he wants to burn away her memory.

90 Day Fiance: Josh Seiter - The Bachelorette

Yolanda Tattoo Needs to Go – Bachelorette Hunk Lasers Her Away

This week, Josh Seiter told SD exclusively that he went to get the tattoo of Yolanda’s name lasered off his arm. The law school grad chose Hada Cosmetic Medicine in Champaign, Illinois. It’s about a two-hour drive south of Chicago. So, Josh went in for a laser tattoo removal session today.

Josh Seiter shared the pics with us of him getting his first laser session to get rid of his 90 Day Fiance romance tat. Of course, this is just the first laser burn session of many. It usually takes 5-10 sessions to remove a tattoo, depending on its size. And his Yolanda ink is pretty sizable.

Josh had her name tattooed on the inside of his forearm in a very pretty cursive script if you haven’t seen it. But since things didn’t work out, removing his 90 Day Fiance themed tattoo is probably the best thing for his mental health. That way, there’s no vivid reminder of his ex.

90 Day Fiance: Josh Seiter - The Bachelorette

Burning Away 90 Day Fiance Memories – Josh Ready for What’s Next

Although today’s laser session was the first of several, it’s a step in the right direction for Josh Seiter. As an advocate for mental health who suffers from depression, it’s key for Josh to feel good about what he displays on his body. And the former exotic dancer has plenty of ink.

Each of these means something to Josh Seiter. He tells us that he sees each of his many tattoos as markers of key events in his life. However, since Josh says 90 Day Fiance ex Yolanda deceived him and dated another man behind his back, this one tat isn’t a fond reminder.

So, it looks like Bachelorette ex Josh Seiter is starting off his 2021 the right way. He’s getting a clean slate that includes burning Yolanda Leak out of his life — quite literally. After a 2020 that involved heartbreak and a COVID diagnosis, this is the perfect fresh start for Josh.

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