’90 Day Fiance’: Eric & Larissa Have a New Business Venture?

90 Day Fiance stars Eric Nichols and Larissa Lima are starting their life off together. Also, Eric shows off exactly what the couple had been up to, and it looks like it’s caffeine.

90 Day Fiance: Eric Nichols and Larissa Lima Move-in

90 Day Fiance couple Eric Nichols and Larissa Lima have announced that they now have their own place to call home. In a picture posted by Larissa earlier this year, she dangles her keys in excitement. Now it seems like her new hubby is moved in right alongside her. They are always together and in the background of each other’s videos.

Now Eric had built something for Larissa, and it has the possibility to make them some money. Also, Eric built her a coffee stand to help keep her caffeinated. But this may end up with a business opportunity the couple was not prepared for. They may get in the business of building things for people. Then again, they like to live life with a go with the flow attitude.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima

TLC Stars Are Getting Married

90 Day Fiance features Eric Nichols and Larissa Lima. The pair have recently unofficially announced their engagement. With hints online, point out what the couple is up to. Larissa posted a pic of her in a wedding dress, and Eric posts a pic with a friend caption: best man. When a fan asked if they are engaged, Larissa told the fan to use their head. Why else would she be wearing a wedding dress?

They are hopping in the marriage train like all the other 90 Day Fiance couples. And now it with the promise of commitment in the air, Eric has stepped up. He even celebrated on his social media story by popping champagne. Larissa is behind the camera laughing at the bottle pop. Also, is she having him help around the house now? Doing all their handy work? It looks like yes.

90 Day Fiance: Eric Nichols

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols Start Business?

Eric Nichols and Larissa Lima from 90 Day Fiance may have struck gold. Recently Eric posted a video of him putting together a coffee stand for the kitchen he and Larissa share. The stand is able to hold all of their coffee pods. The pair both make their money using an adults-only website and Larissa models, but maybe now they won’t have to. With Eric’s handy skills, he could offer to do handy things for people.

The coffee stand was a breeze for him to put together, after all. The pair are very happy together, that is right now they are. They do have a rocky past when it comes to having a relationship with one another. And maybe a business start-up is just what they need to keep the good times flowing. And maybe their marriage will last longer than six months.

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