’90 Day Fiance’ Elizabeth & Andrei: Our Continuing Journey – Alpha Males, Second Weddings, Selfish Sisters

90 Day Fiance pair Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet catch fans up on Elizabeth & Andrei: Our Continuing Journey. The Tampa blonde from a tight-knit family and her Moldovan alpha male were on Season 5 of the TLC show. Since then, they carved out a new life and even had a baby daughter this year. She wound up pregnant within six months of them saying “I do”. This special episode on TLC GO catches up viewers to get them ready for their appearance on Happily Ever After starting soon.

90 Day Fiance: Eastern European Hunk Andrei Castravet Catches Tampa Girl’s Eye

It was clear from the start of 90 Day Fiance Season 5 that Elizabeth Potthast was head over heels for Andrei Castravet. The tall, bossy, and brash Moldovan was the opposite of what she’d been dating in the US. That was what shocked her family most on the TLC show.

Elizabeth Potthast defined Andrei Castravet as “traditional” to her family. While her sisters found him overbearing, Elizabeth seemed totally turned on by his man-in-charge demeanor. Through the 90 Day Fiance season as shown on Elizabeth & Andrei: Our Continuing Journey, her sisters pushed his buttons and tried to stir trouble.

Andrei Castravet pushed back on her sisters and was very protective of his future wife. He and Elizabeth Potthast ignored the naysayers and fell more in love. They faced her family in lockstep with each other and got closer the more they tried to push them apart on 90 Day Fiance.

Also getting their own TLC special was the Vegas couple that always made headlines with Colt and Larissa: Our Journey So Far. This one catches fans up on some of their legal drama.

Elizabeth Potthast Learning Andrei’s Native Language

The regular season of 90 Day Fiance ended with Andrei Castravet marrying Elizabeth Potthast. For those that didn’t tune into the TLC GO series What Now, you might have missed what came next. The good news is that Elizabeth & Andrei: Our Continuing Journey will catch you up.

There are extras that are not seen on Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance, such as Elizabeth saying she’s still playing the mediator between her husband and her family. A few important things to know from the web series footage is that Elizabeth Potthast continued to honor her husband’s Moldovan culture by learning the language.

On a video chat, she spoke Moldovan to Andrei’s brother who said that she spoke it without an accent like a native. This is a big deal to Andrei Castravet who wants their future children to grow up speaking both languages.

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Andrei Castravet Wants Another Wedding Back Home

Towards the end of Elizabeth & Andrei: Our Continuing Journey, you can see an excited Elizabeth Potthast and husband Andrei excitedly planning a second wedding. It will be in his native Moldova. They were hoping for a Fall 2018 wedding. He was sad that his family couldn’t be at their Tampa nuptials. The 90 Day Fiance pair called his brother to do some initial planning.

Andrei Castravet’s brother said they will make sure the wedding is only the best. Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast discuss a ceremony with 50-100 people at the event. She thinks it’s important to have one there to honor his family and culture. The newly married pair set a budget of $15k which will give them a nice ceremony there.

Former 90 Day Fiance Elizabeth says she hopes that her mom and dad and some of her siblings will come to the Eastern Europe ceremony. She’s very eager for the Potthasts to meet the Castravets. Andrei continues to be frustrated by friction with her family and really misses his. He says the first wedding was for her family and this will be for his.

90 Day Fiance: Potthast Family Furious Over Second Wedding Plans

Watching Elizabeth & Andrei: Our Continuing Journey, you see his wife saying she hasn’t told her family about the second wedding. She expects a big reaction from her fam. They head to breakfast to tell them about the plans. When they say they have big news, the Potthasts guess pregnant. Ironically, it wouldn’t be too long before they were – but at this point were not.

Andrei Castravet invites her family to their wedding in Moldova. Her family pretty much all gangs up on him about not working yet, not having his green card work permit, and not having money for a wedding. Elizabeth’s sister Jen (the constant complainer) keeps badgering him over and over. He tells them 15 grand is not so much but Jen will not stop.

Finally, Andrei tells her to stop asking about his finances and Elizabeth’s mother puts her hands up to separate them. Elizabeth Potthast’s father Chuck says he’s dreaming and needs to face reality – he says it’s not necessary. Then Jen says the timing is way off and they have other priorities since they’re already married.

Elizabeth Potthast’s “Jealous” Sisters Can’t Stop Hassling Andrei

Throughout 90 Day Fiance, Elizabeth made clear that she thinks her sisters are jealous of her relationship with Andrei Castravet. So, as the breakfast gets more tense Elizabeth’s sister Becky (the other one) says she’s getting married in a few months and they already had a wedding. She basically said the limelight is hers now and they need to back off.

Then, Jen is back at it and says her dad is getting taking advantage of. She seems to think the 90 Day Fiance couple will hit up their dad for the cash. Irritated Andrei spews that “they judged me”. While Jen keeps pushing, Elizabeth sits silent but seems to be getting more and more upset at her siblings.

Andrei tries to explain his family didn’t get to be involved in the first wedding. Then Elizabeth Potthast reminds her folks that Andrei is the youngest of his family. She says Andrei’s mother was crying at the idea of a Moldovan wedding. Her dad Chuck reminds them he paid for their first wedding. Elizabeth snaps at him “as a father should”. Andrei says it cost him a lot of money too.

Heading Into 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After

So this bitter scene is how things wound up on the web series 90 Day Fiance: What Now? If you screen Elizabeth & Andrei: Our Continuing Journey, you’ll be all caught up and ready for Happily Ever After starting at the end of this month. Last we saw Elizabeth and her man, her family was all over him about his green card work permit.

Elizabeth Potthast was “disgusted that they ruined their happy moment” about the wedding. She told them not to come to their Moldovan wedding if they couldn’t be happy for them. She called them “close minded” and skeptical and then said it’s “jealous BS”. Then, after this scene, Elizabeth Potthast and husband Andrei Castravet found out they were pregnant.

All that will be chronicled for the TLC cameras from last we saw them through the birth of their little girl Eleanor Louise Castravet in January 2019. So, now you’re ready to see how they’ve been doing while still waiting for Andrei’s work permit, how he’s supporting his family in the meantime and what’s next with Elizabeth’s petty sisters.

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