’90 Day Fiance’: Did Brittany Banks Pop an Implant?

90 Day Fiance star Brittany Banks has many fans wondering, “are those real?” Some fans think an accident she was in may have caused her to get some reconstruction in her chest area.

90 Day Fiance: Brittany Banks Looks Good

90 Day Fiance personality Brittany Banks is known for her amazing body. She models on her social media for all to see. Brittany has a lot of energy and loves to get out and about. She has recently made it clear to the world that she is looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with, and she is done wasting time.

She has two men on the back burner while she tries to chose which one of them is the one for her. Both men are aware that she models for money and that she likes to show off what her momma gave her. Some of the pics she posts on social media are a bit scandalous. But she does this on purpose so fans can stay updated on her body improvements. She even showed off that she had breast enhancement surgery.

90 Day Fiance: Brittany Banks

TLC Star Finds Love

90 Day Fiance reality star Brittany Banks may have found the perfect man for her. Someone who really knows how to treat her right and keep her happy. Brittany is dating two men, but one seems to stand out. The first guy Terrance is very nice and can keep the conversation between them flowing. Also, Brittany even says after their first date, he kept texting her all night long.

The second man Justin may have come off at first like a short-lived fling but really changed things around. Justin came to visit Brittany from Canada, so he is staying with her for a week. On their first full day together, they go ATV riding in mud. But it’s easy to miss a tree stump in a muddy water pile. When Brittany drove through it, she hit the tree stump and flipped her bike.

90 Day Fiance: Brittany Banks

90 Day Fiance: Brittany Banks Brakes

Brittany Banks from 90 Day Fiance has been in a terrible motorbike accident. This caused her to break her clavicle and dislocate her arm. And all this after she got her breast enhancement surgery? Is it possible she popped an implant? The answer is thankfully, no. Even though TLC just recently announced the accident, it happened many months before her surgery. This is a sigh of relief.

Brittany has fully recovered from her injuries from the accident, and it looks like from her surgery. She explains to fans she got a lift and implants put in. She likes to look good and show off her body. Brittany is also working on other things. Like she also has adult braces as well.

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