’90 Day Fiance’: David Murphey Rocks Trucker Mustache – See His Hot New Look

90 Day Fiance star David Murphey recently showed off his new facial hair look. He has been putting his retirement goal into action and preparing for a fresh start. David wants to explore new places in the new year. His beard is only the beginning of many changes to come.

90 Day Fiance: David Murphey Reveals New Beard

Since appearing on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, David Murphey has kept a low profile. However, he recently revealed that he has switched up his appearance. While he was on the show, he had a clean-shaven face. But, now David has been growing his beard. There is a possibility that he became lazy while in lockdown and gave up on shaving. However, he seems to dig his new facial appearance, and the beard doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

The 90 Day Fiance reality star didn’t just make a change to his facial appearance. David Murphey is also trying out a different hairstyle. He hasn’t said goodbye to the dark hair. But, he did get a haircut. David’s latest hairstyle is shorter than what viewers saw on the show. With new hair and facial hair, David seems to be getting ready for a fresh beginning.

90 Day Fiance: David Murphey - Before The 90 Days

Fans React to David’s Facial Hair

Many fans are loving David Murphey’s new beard. One 90 Day Fiance fan said that the hair on his face “looks good” on him. Another one said that it “suits” the TLC star. However, a fan said that David should “let some salt and pepper come through the locks.” But, a lot of people agree that he should “keep the beard and the stash.”

90 Day Fiance supporters thought that David Murphey even looked younger with a beard. One supporter said that the beard makes him look “twenty years younger.” Another one said that he looks “very happy and healthy.” Many viewers didn’t believe that David was in his sixties, and now with him rocking facial hair, he definitely doesn’t look his age.

90 Day Fiance: David Murphey - Before The 90 Days

90 Day Fiance Celeb Preparing for Fresh Start

David Murphey’s appearance is only the beginning of the changes he is making in his life. Back in August, he had retired from his job. He said that he was ready to stop working and begin the next chapter in his life. David hopes to do a lot of exploring in his retirement. He said that he was going to sell all his belongings and houses so he could travel full-time. He also wanted to buy an RV and live on the road. And he has been putting his plan into action.

The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days castmate hasn’t let the global pandemic stop him from moving forward with his travel plans. David Murphey recently got rid of all his belongings. He had either sold, given away or thrown them out. However, he hasn’t sold the houses that he owns yet. But, David said that once everything is taken care of, he is “starting over completely” and will start his travel adventure. He will have a new life to go with his new beard.

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