’90 Day Fiance’: David & Annie Escape to Mountains – Is She a Furry Now?

90 Day Fiance stars David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan recently escaped to the mountains of Arizona and a new photo of her in a furry costume sparks interest. The TLC pair just got back from a trip to Tanzania, but they are ready for another getaway. Annie and David have been spending time together outdoors and fishing for their food.

90 Day Fiance: Annie Suwan & David Toborowsky Head to the Mountains

Earlier this month, Annie Suwan and her husband David Toborowsky came back from their extravagant vacation in Tanzania. The trip was a surprise for David’s wife. He took it upon himself to plan every detail. The 90 Day Fiance castmates spent nine days exploring the country and emerging themselves into the culture.

Annie even got to cook in the kitchen with a few of the local villagers. The 90 Day Fiance reality stars recently headed out on another vacation. David Toborowsky and his wife Annie Suwan are exploring more of the state that they live in. They spent the weekend in the mountains of Greer, Arizona.

According to David from 90 Day Fiance, their cabin in the White Mountains was “amazing.” He also shared a few snapshots of where they will be spending the next couple of days. It certainly looks like a fun time.

90 Day Fiance: Annie Suwan

David and Annie Spend Time Outdoors – Is She Turning Furry?

While exploring the mountains, David Toborowsky was glad to get some fresh air with his wife. He and Annie Suwan spent a lot of time near the water. The 90 Day Fiance pair went fishing. David said that Annie “loves to fish and cook her own catch.” What’s cutest about these photos is Annie’s “furry” outfit.

It’s definitely not what most people choose to wear when fishing. Despite her efforts (and adorable attire), it doesn’t seem like David or Annie were able to catch much. But, there is a good chance that Annie had a backup plan for their meal. 90 Day Fiance’s Annie Suwan was happy to spend moments out in nature.

She said that the area was quiet and peaceful. However, she also said it was very windy. The weather seemed to be different from where they live. The weather was a bit chilly. Annie wore a reindeer onesie while waiting for a “big bite from a fish.” However, the 90 Day Fiance wife said she still has the “pork on the stick” if she doesn’t catch anything.

90 Day Fiance: David Toborowsky - Annie Suwan

90 Day Fiance Couple Show off Cooking Skills on Spin-Off

Annie Suwan is an expert in the kitchen – as a cooking diva. She even brought all her favorite ingredients while she and David Toborowsky were away in the mountains. Annie does share a few of the dishes with fans that she prepares. But, now fans will get to watch her and  David cook together on their new TLC spin-off.

The 90 Day Fiance duo were happy to share with fans that they were getting the opportunity to welcome viewers to their home kitchen. David Toborowsky and his other half Annie Suwan are thankful for all the “love and support” they get from their fans.

It has been a dream come true for the TLC cast members to get their own show. Their new show Spice It Up with David & Annie airs exclusively online starting October 28.

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