’90 Day Fiance’: Darcey Silva Moving to Los Angeles – Bigger and Better Things in Hollywood?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cast member Darcey Silva recently implied that she’s moving to Los Angeles. She made the announcementand that got the chatter going among many 90 Day Fiance fans. What else do we know so far about this potential move away from her life in Connecticut. ?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Darcey Silva Ready for the Bright Lights of LA?

Darcey Silva tries to show that she has a taste for the finer things in life, but it’s been shown that a lot of her designer items are probably fakes. Along with her fondness for plastic surgery, she would seemingly be right at home in Tinseltown.

She recently teased the big move to fans and that kick-started the speculation among her many 90 Day Fiance followers. In addition, she teased bigger and better things to come. And, it seems Hollywood is the ideal destination for that.

Darcey Silva is a big draw for TLC and one of the top 90 Day Fiance stars. It seems she’s ready for the glitz and glam that comes with a place like Los Angeles. She told her followers that she knows her “truth” and her “heart”. And, it looks like neither of those things reside in Connecticut anymore. Darcey Silva didn’t offer much in terms of specifics. But, it will be worth keeping an eye on what she does moving forward.

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90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva Moving On?

It’s possible moving to another state is a way for Darcey Silva to put her past with Tom Brooks behind her. Interestingly, she made her IG private for a while during the Tom Brooks frauding fiasco. But, it seems she’s back to public and ready to take on whatever comes next. She said she deserves the best. Meanwhile, she told her followers to never settle for less. It seems she may be taking her own advice when it comes to moving on from Tom.

90 Day Fiance celeb Darcey Silva said recently that she hasn’t given up on finding love. And, even though things didn’t work out with Jesse Meester or Tom Brooks, it appears she still has an appetite for foreign men. She said recently that she’d like to date Australian guys next. Maybe she’ll run into one rubbing elbows with people in California.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva - Stacey Silva

What’s Next for Darcey?

Along with being a 90 Day Fiance television personality, Darcey Silva lists herself as an actress and executive producer. She also has tried working in fashion and film. Along with twin Stacey Silva, the pair founded Eleventh Entertainment back in 2010. They also have a clothing brand called House of Eleven. On paper, the move seems ideal. Especially considering all the things Darcey Silva could pursue with her background in television, fashion, and entertainment.

As of right now, nothing is official yet. But, if she does move, it’ll be interesting to see if Stacey goes with her. The Silva twins recently teased an upcoming project. And, some 90 Day Fiance fans think they could be working on their own show. Darcey is only dropping hints so far and leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for 90 Day Fiance followers. Whether or not those breadcrumbs lead to Tinseltown remains to be seen. This is definitely going to be something to keep an eye on moving forward.

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