’90 Day Fiance’: Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester’s Twisted Moves Revealed After Breakup

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days highlights Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester as their tumultuous relationship continues to play out. As the 90 Day Fiance episodes air, fans seem to know the fate of this couple in real-time. What is happening today with this couple is just as intriguing as what you see as the new episodes air. While the episodes happened a while ago, today in real-time Darcey and Jesse have yet another twist is in the wind.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester

Watching 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days has all the entertainment value and Sunday night’s episode doesn’t fall short in that department. Jesse plans a surprise for Darcey and it’s probably safe to say that it’s one she’s not going to like. So what’s up with Jesse? It’s been circling the social media sites that the two are no longer a couple for some time now. But for one of them, it looks like an old wound is still festering.

Darcey Silva Still Burns a Torch

90 Day Fiance fans surmise the two are no longer a couple. Much of this is based on the two going dark on social media when it comes to each other. A recent post by Darcey suggests she’s still got that internal flame going for Jesse. It’s suggested by Starcasm that she may have been drinking when this post went up last week. According to them, the post went up and then it was deleted rather quickly in the wee hours of the morning.

It looked like an attempt to get Jesse jealous when Darcey posted a picture of a guy in a pose that looked as if it came right out of a magazine. She captioned the picture, “That’s my type” and added, “So keep talking!!! It looks like she went crazy professing her undying love for this guy she called Tyler. At the same time, she threw a ton of shade on Jesse, according to Starcasm.

90 Day Fiance Star – Too Much To Drink?


The website suggests that Darcey may have had a few to drink when she embarked on this post. She shot out the comments one after another in a rapid fire-like session. These comments apparently had to do with her new man “Ty”. They included, “I know what I like!!!, If a man loves a woman it will be known!!, I’ll never forget Ty!!!!, This is my love from my heart!”

Darcey then posted, “I have nothing else to say,” but apparently she did. She went on to say, “I miss you Tyler! I will never forget you!” She continued with her rapid comments again. Darcey shared, “Actually Tyler treated me nice!” She also described “Ty” as “He’s one of a kind!!!!”

Jesse Meester Responds:

According to the website, Jesse’s response was: “people keep asking me about her being drunk on social media… I ignore it every time it happened but people who follow her comment here to ask if I know anything?

Jesse continues, “I have no clue, guys! I have to find out every time by people sending these screenshots of her incoherent and bizarre outbursts. She talks about me and just got dms from fans who were harassed and randomly got a dm from her. I’m not even exposing these shameless comments.”

It looks like Jesse worries about her despite their breakup. He also said to the commenter, “However, it is very sad and scary. I just pray to God she stops this and gets help. That’s all. And I will say no more about this because I tried for too long.”

Right after all the hoopla last week, Jesse posted the Instagram picture below along with his own words of wisdom.

90 Day Fiance Old Wounds Won’t Heal

So what is going on with this couple? At this point in time, it is anybody’s guess. From the sound of things, it looks like Darcey is carrying a torch for Jesse. It also looks like she lashed out about “Ty” as a possible attempt to get Jesse jealous. Is she still having a rough time getting over Jesse? All the fans know about the relationship is what they’ve seen on 90 Day Fiance. But again, that was filmed a while ago despite all-new episodes airing.

Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester broke up during the last episode then made back up. He didn’t like her flying designer shoes and she was still reeling from the specifics of cutting a steak. With that said, they made amends in a hotel room that Jesse stormed off to the night of their fight. He requested Darcey’s presence the next morning and she obliged. Despite her constant threats that this relationship is over, that’s not going to happen as far as she’s concerned.

Darcey Silva and Jessie Meester Fooling Themselves?

On last week’s show, it looked as if Jesse felt the same way as the two decided to give it another try. Jesse takes off for Amsterdam as Darcey convinces herself the two just need a bit more time to work out the kinks. They depart with a promise they will give it another try. So even though it looked as if both were in unison… that wasn’t the case. Something happened with Jesse who made the decision to come back to the US but not with marrying Darcey in mind.

Fans joke about what Jesse is about to do next on the 90 Day Fiance show. They suggest he probably should have done this from a distance. Instead of coming to the States a phone call might have worked better for him in this case.

The previews suggest he will meet Darcey face to face to end their relationship for good. Considering he once said he feared for his life around an irate Darcey, maybe the fans are right. A phone call, in this case, was the way to go but Jesse intends to do this in person.

So what did Jesse do? Once back at home Jesse is seen on the camera telling a buddy he’s headed back to Connecticut again. He also tells his friend that he’s going to end it with Darcey. He will tell her they are done, which is what he said with the 90 Day Fiance cameras rolling.

90 Day Fiance Verbal Slap in the Face?

On Sunday night’s episode “Expecting the Unexpected” Jesse makes plans to come back to the US. Darcey is more pulled together than she ever was in the looks department. This woman from Connecticut is seen having some cosmetic work done as the day draws near for Jesse’s return visit. In the next episode of the show, “The Things We Do for Love,” it looks like Darcey is crumbling from Jesse’s surprise announcement. It seems he does tell her that they are done.

As far as Jesse is concerned this may be the reality of it all, which is the relationship has ended. But when Darcey takes to social media in the middle of the night, it looks as if she’s still got Jesse on her mind.

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