’90 Day Fiance’: Darcey Silva Fake Age-Defying Pics Backfire – Can’t Slip This By Fans (Photos)

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days celeb Darcey Silva seems to be back to making fake glam photos of herself. Some fans say she took too much liberty this time around and point out she’s not 12 anymore. If anyone has a reason to shove their good looks in the face of an ex, Darcey does. Fans suggest this 90 Day Fiance star went too far with what they see as an attempt to show two men what they are missing.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Two Men Have Darcey Silva On Their Mind

Darcey is in an odd position as she has not one, but two men on 90 Day Fiance series talking about her on the show. All of a sudden, Tom Brooks shows up at Darcey Silva’s door in Connecticut with a pang of remorse. He spends most of his time on Sunday night’s episode talking about Darcey.

Then there’s Jesse Meester, her ex-90 Day Fiance partner from seasons past. He showed up in the spin-off show, 90 Day Fiance What Now.

The man from Amsterdam might as well have carried a portrait-size photo of Darcey around with him. He wasn’t on the screen for any length of time before he started mentioning  Darcey Silva. So despite all her tears, Darcey Silva can take comfort in knowing that neither of these men can get her out of their minds.



90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva - Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Overboard With Breakup Enhancement

Darcey Silva is no stranger to presenting herself in pictures with a little bit of embellishment from Photoshop. But if there was ever a time in her history that she wants to look fantastic in photos, it’s probably today.

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As far as Darcey is concerned she’s been dumped by two men. Both did this at lunch in New York City at separate times. The drama involved in these spats, keeps 90 Day Fiance hovering as a top-rated show.

While the on-air dual dumping of Darcey is good for the ratings, Darcey is still the dumpee. So, today she seems to do what many women do in the aftermath of a breakup – Show them what they are missing.

First of all, some fans remind Darcey that she doesn’t need any help enhancing her looks. Still, many women are guilty of using a filter or two while posting photos online.

Although it does look like Darcey used more than filters in a few recent photos she posted. From what some 90 Day Fiance followers say, it’s a blatant cut and paste job.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva - Before the 90 Days

Too Much Age-Defying?

The right picture in the double photo above was posted by Darcey Silva. The photo on the left seems to show where she cut and pasted her body from.

As far as Darcey’s face, well… fans point out it’s not the face of a woman who is 45. Then she posted the photo directly above, which shows just her face. But instead of a mother of two teenagers, she looks more like a teen herself. She seems so young that this could work for the cover of a teen magazine.

While the fans slam this 90 Day Fiance celebrity for her overuse of Photoshop, two camps surface. Some people go online to bash her just because they don’t like what they see in the photos. They lambasted her for trying to look like a young teen. But then there are others who empathize with the Connecticut native.

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Those followers hop online to tell Darcey she doesn’t need to do this. Some fans rally behind Darcey Silva to suggest she has her own beauty and she doesn’t need to make herself into something she’s not. You can always count on Darcey Silva to do something that keeps her in the loop of headline news when it comes to reality show stars.

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