’90 Day Fiance’: Darcey Silva and More Castmates Pick between Internet or Blind Dates

90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva and fellow castmates told fans if they would rather go on an internet date or a blind date. Colt Johnson, Jesse Meester, Cortney Reardanz, Danielle Jbali, Patrick Cornett and Fernanda Flores all gave their answers. These castmates have found love in the past. But, find out which ones would rather go into a date blindly or know the person ahead of time.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva and Colt Johnson Had Bad Dating Experiences

Darcey Silva is no stranger to the dating world. She has had her fair share of love stories and heartbreaks. Especially on 90 Day Fiance. However, when it comes to going on dates Darcey said she would rather go on internet dates. Before Darcey got married and had kids, she went on a date with someone she didn’t know first. Unfortunately, she said, “it wasn’t a good experience.”

90 Day Fiance’s Darcey Silva isn’t the only cast member with a bad blind dating experience. Colt Johnson said that he has been on both types of dates. However, he said that sometimes the internet date could feel like a blind date. Once you meet in person. Sounds like Colt might have dealt with a catfish in the past.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva - Colt Johnson

Jesse Meester and Patrick Cornett Want to Avoid Catfishes

Jesse Meester told 90 Day Fiance fans to watch his episode of What Now to find out his experience with meeting someone for the first time on a date.  He said that the thing with meeting people online is that people usually pretend to be someone else. He said that people can use an older picture of themselves. They can also use a picture that no longer looks like them. So he would prefer to know that the person isn’t a catfish.

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90 Day Fiance’s Patrick Cornett has the same thoughts as Jesse Meester. Patrick said that meeting someone in person “you never know who you’re gonna meet.” According to Patrick, people online could have a different personality than when they are in person. But, with not knowing the person beforehand, he said “you’re gonna get whatcha get.”

90 Day Fiance: Danielle Jbali - Jesse Meester - Cortney Reardanz - Fernanda Flores - Patrick Cornett

Other 90 Day Fiance Celebs Share Dating Views

Cortney Reardanz has actually never been on a date without knowing the person beforehand. So, Cortney said that she prefers dates with someone she met online. She feels like it would be awkward if things don’t work out. Since there is a chance you could bump into that person again. She would rather “cut ties completely” with that person.

On the other hand, 90 Day Fiance stars Danielle Jbali and Fernanda Flores would like to go into a date blindly. Fernanda might not prefer dating online, but she recently went on a date over the internet. On the latest episode of Self-Quarantined, she went on a date with Clay Harbor. Clay is a reality star and a former football player. Fernanda Flores and Clay seemingly had a great time over video chat.

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