’90 Day Fiance’: Darcey Unknowingly Reveals Ankle Monitor As Jesse Blows Up?

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days star Darcey Silva recently revealed something on the show while walking off in a huff after Jesse Meester. Fans caught this quick glimpse of an intriguing object on Darcey’s ankle. Many are posting on social media that it looks like an ankle monitor.

During their last interview on 90 Days Fiance, Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester put on a display of drama. At the same time, Darcey exposed her ankle and a fan caught this glimpse of a suspicious-looking object. It is possible that Darcey Silva might have revealed something she did not intend for anyone to see.

90 Day Fiance – Is That an Ankle Monitor on Darcey Silva’s Ankle?

The object resembles that of an ankle bracelet monitor. It looks like a device worn while on house arrest, probation, parole, and while under legal curfew. Fans probably didn’t notice Darcey’s ankles during the show with so much drama involved. But if you look back, they are a few times when she’s seen with exposed ankles and there’s nothing there.

Since this is the latest episode, the object that looks like an electronic ankle monitor might be something new. In the 90 Day Fiance episode, “Give Trust a Try,” Darcey got up from her interview wearing a floor-length dress.

As she walked away the skirt swept up just enough to expose what looked like a monitor device on her ankle. To be fair, this might be nothing more than Darcey in an ankle support but she was in an incident that involved the law earlier this year. This might be why fans suggested this looks like a law-enforcement monitoring device.

90-Day-Fiance-Darcey-Silva-ankle-device (1)

As you can see in the pictures above, Darcey’s left ankle appears to have a thick black band around it. In the next photo, it shows her right ankle without one.

One astute fan caught this and wrote on Twitter: “Am I the only one who noticed Darcey’s ankle bracelet?” The fan then wrote, ” Must be from her domestic violence arrest.”

While there is definitely something black and thick around just one of her ankles, it’s not necessarily a monitoring device. Maybe it’s an ankle weight? Although, If you are going to wear ankle weights for exercise, you usually wear two… and it’s no longer the 1980s. In Darcey’s case, one ankle has the black band and the other doesn’t.

90 Day Finace’s Darcey Silva Arrested Earlier this Year

Darcey has a twin sister Stacey. Back in February Darcey Silva and her sister faced police and an arrest after law enforcement answered a call to their home. The sisters got into a fight and it became physical according to the reports. Some news reports called it a catfight.”

Objects were reportedly tossed around and the sisters allegedly pushed and pulled each other during the rift. The police report indicated statements from two witnesses. Most of the news reports assumed the witnesses were Darcey’s two daughters who are minors and live with her and her twin sister.

The 42-year-old twin sisters were given a court date. The incident happened in the sisters’ home in Middletown, Connecticut, and it wasn’t taped for the 90 Day Fiance show. Jesse Meester was home in Amsterdam during this incident, but he was in town for her recent flying shoe incident.

90 Day Fiance – Jesse Meester Gets A Taste Of Her Temper

It looks like Darcey Silva may have a temper. Jesse Meester told the cameras he feared for his life when she threw her “[Christian] Louboutins” shoes at him in a fit of anger. He threatened to call the police after that incident, but it looks like he didn’t. Darcey’s take was different from Jesse’s take of the incident. Yes, she did toss her shoes, but she said she didn’t aim them at him. In frustration, she tossed the shoes across the room.

Ankle Monitoring Bracelet or Not?

Could Darcey be sporting an ankle bracelet monitor device as part of her sentence from this arrest? While there are no reports indicating this is the case, some fans think that’s what she’s wearing. The video below shows the argument between Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester right before she got up to walk away.

A person isn’t necessarily put under a 24-hour-a-day house arrest when the law enforcement agency fits you for a monitoring device. The person may have a curfew that indicates they spend certain hours of the day or night at home.

An electronic ankle device would give law enforcement the whereabouts of the person wearing this device. It is also used for tracking purposes. If the court decides this person can go to work and then come directly home, the law uses one of these devices to check their locations.

Again, while there’s no official report on this, that object that Darcey Silva is sporting on her ankle could pass as an ankle monitor, according to fans.

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