’90 Day Fiance’: Danielle Jbali Beats Internet Trolls – Won’t Be Evicted!

90 Day Fiance star Danielle Jbali is struggling to deal with internet bullies as she’s fighting eviction from her home. It’s bad enough when trolls stalk online, but when there are real-world implications to the online harassment, that crosses a line. Will the actions of online haters get her evicted while others are trying to help her out?

90 Day Fiance – Danielle Jbali Has Friends That Care

Despite all the online trolls attacking her, Danielle has loads of friends online and offline supporting her. She’s in school working to better herself, while also working, and helping out with her grandchildren. So when 90 Day Fiance fan-favorite Danielle Jbali hit a financial bump in the road, a friend started a Go Fund Me to help her out of a short-term financial crisis.

Some websites fibbed (or didn’t do proper research) and said that she started the Go Fund Me herself. She did not. A friend started it. However, since then, trolls attacked the page with negative comments causing problems. Their antics even caused the funds to be frozen by Go Fund Me.

Despite their efforts, Soap Dirt can exclusively report the news that her friends’ efforts to help Danielle succeeded.

Friends Rally to Fight Web Trolls

The 90 Day Fiance personality has some good friends on her side right now. Danielle Jbali’s close pal Beth Mahar told only Soap Dirt about the experience. She revealed to us that harassers were “reporting the current GoFundMe project thus causing unnecessary delays in the donated funds being frozen”. She said these are people “out there who go out of their way to post nasty, vile things about Danielle.”

Beth Mahar also said that these trolls “clearly have no life of their own”. She added: “Thank goodness the trolls are the minority and most people who follow Danielle’s story are decent, supportive, kind people who relate well to Danielle”. The Go Fund Me to benefit Danielle Jbali is now closed but raised close to $700.

90 Day Fiance: Danielle Jbali Go Fund Me

Haters Didn’t Beat the 90 Day Fiance Star!

Soap Dirt can also exclusively confirm, straight from Danielle, that the online haters did not win and did not get the fundraising effort permanently shut down. In fact, it was Danielle Jbali herself that asked her friend to close the GFM page. She told us: “I had my friend close it yesterday” but also admitted, “trolls played a part in it”.

She said the haters posted nasty comments on the page and also released documents showing her home address. That sort of doxing is beyond the pale and goes beyond liking or disliking someone on the 90 Day Fiance TV show. Danielle also told SD, “they [online bullies] have harassed my family, anyone I take a picture with, and tag them”.

Danielle Jbali Saved Her Home – No Eviction

The other thing Soap Dirt can report from Danielle Jbali is that her home is safe. She owns her home and bought the place outright. So the underlying issue was back rental on the lot. But because she owns the home, the property owner couldn’t take it. Fortunately, the Go Fund Me effort was successful. The 90 Day Fiance gal said she “got enough money” to catch up plus “a little left over”.

It’s important to also note that Danielle doesn’t live alone. Her three daughters live with her. So people bullying her online were effectively trying to ensure that her children lost a place to live, but their antics failed. The end of this 90 Day Fiance drama is that Danielle Jbali will keep her home and those harassing her online didn’t win.

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