’90 Day Fiance’: Colt Johnson Offers To Give Wife Larissa Away For Free – Will Even Pay Shipping Cost

90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson has been relatively quiet ever since he filed for divorce from Larissa Christina. But now, the 33-year-old software engineer jokes online about giving away his wife for free.

While his Brazilian ex-wife, Larissa, enjoys the single life, the drama between the two is still far from being over.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson Returns To Cameo

Ever since his nasty split from Larissa Christina, Colt Johnson has been keeping a low profile on social media. The 90 Day Fiance alum steers clear from anything directly related to his ex-wife. In fact, a quick look at his Instagram account shows only serene posts of stunning views.

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But it looks like Colt is done staying mum about the issue. The 90 Day Fiance Nevada resident ended his silence with a shocking Cameo video mocking Larissa and what went wrong on their tumultuous relationship.

Colt Wants To Give Larissa Christina Away

According to 90 Day Fiance enthusiast John Yates, Colt Johnson filmed a short clip for Cameo where he seemingly mocks Larissa Christina. In the video, the reality star jokes about his plans to give away his Brazilian ex for free.

“Please take her off my hands,” Colt quipped. “I’m giving her away. You can have her. I will fly her out on a chartered airplane to you at no cost. I will even arrange for you to have flowers when she arrives because I hear she likes them.”

The 90 Day Fiance TLC star continues with his sarcastic remarks: “So please take her and just make sure you feed her once a day. She likes steak, and she likes dresses and makeup … So let me know. Send me a DM, and we can figure out a drop or an arrangement or something. Good luck. You will definitely need it.”

Colt Johnson offering a late model Brazillian import with an expired warranty sounds more like a Craigslist transaction than a divorce.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Jokingly Warns Those Who Want Larissa As ‘Side-Piece’

Colt Johnson also has a warning to those who want Larissa Christina as a “side-piece.” The 90 Day Fiance alum jokingly referred to the controversial bloody fight, which left him and his wife injured.

90 Day Fiance - Larissa Christina

“And watch out for the head and the face and the back,” Johnson added, seemingly referring to the beating he allegedly suffered at the hands of his spouse. “Just cover everything.”

Larissa was arrested on January 11, her third in less than a year. Authorities determined the Brazil native was at fault during the altercation, charging her with misdemeanor domestic violence.

Larissa Enjoys Life Amid Divorce

Meanwhile, it seems like Larissa Christina is living her best life amid her divorce from Colt Johnson. The 90 Day Fiance celeb, who was released on bail using fans’ donations, is currently staying on her friend’s house.

The brunette babe has been sharing photos and videos of herself seemingly enjoying the single life. She even flaunted her plumper lips, which apparently was the result of lip fillers.

While some encourage Larissa to continue moving on with her life, others have opposing views on it. Some called out the reality star for allegedly misusing the proceeds of her GoFundMe fundraiser.

However, Larissa vehemently denies the claims and reiterates that the money will be used solely for legal expenses and starting a new life away from Colt.

Do you think Colt Johnson was just being humorous? Or was he being a bitter ex? What do you think of Larissa Christina’s new lifestyle?

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