’90 Day Fiance’: Caesar Mack Says He’s Celibate and has a Secret Daughter

90 Day Fiance celeb Caesar Mack opened up about his relationships with Maria and Ava in a recent interview. He says that he sent Maria a lot of money over the years. Not only that, but Caesar also admitted that he never had sex with either of Maria or his quarantine girlfriend, Aya. In other news, Caesar actually has a daughter

90 Day Fiance Update: Caesar Mack Claims He Gave Maria $90K a Year

Although his relationship with Maria is long over, Caesar Mack put a lot of money into their 90 Day Fiance romance. He hasn’t spoken to her in “three months”. But, it looks like a decent amount of the nail technician’s money went into his Ukrainian girlfriend’s pockets. He just did a telling interview with the Domenick Nati Show the other day.

In it, 90 Day Fiance star Caesar Mack shared just how much money he’s sent to Maria over the course of their five-year relationship. He says he gave her “$90,000 a year for five years. If you do the math, that’s almost half a million dollars. He says that it came from working “seven days a week” and from his tips.

However, Caesar must have misspoke because he also says that he transferred to Maria almost “$800 every two weeks”.  That amount seems more reasonable considering his job.  And over the course of almost 5 years is around $90K.

Caesar Never Did the Dirty With Maria or Other Girlfriend Aya

As it turns out Caesar Mack never got very far in the bedroom with either of his most recent girlfriends. The 90 Day Fiance personality says that he hasn’t had sex in “five years”. That means he has not had been with either Maria or Aya, his recent girlfriend that didn’t last long throughout quarantine. Caesar says Aya was “chasing” his supposed fame and wasn’t with him for a relationship.

But with Maria, it was different. Caesar says that the most they did were “kissing” and a little bit of “foreplay”. He says he didn’t go to Ukraine to “get intimate” but instead to get to know her and pursue a relationship. Caesar wanted to “start something special,” but that “unfortunately” Maria wanted to take advantage of him and it all played out on 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance: Caesar Has a Secret Daughter

In a similar way to Tom Brooks’ situation, Caesar Mack revealed he has a daughter of his own. After sharing that he’s currently single and spending most of his time at the gym, Caesar  said, “I have a little girl. She’s going on 8”. According to him, his daughter is very into martial arts. But it’s the first time he’s spoken about her since appearing on the show.

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