’90 Day Fiance’: Caesar Mack Gets Revenge Body – Shows Maria What She Missed?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Caesar Mack is on the road to a rocking revenge body. After Maria dumped him for not being a “real man” he must have taken it hard. Because now Caesar is hitting the gym, taking protein supplements, and is planning on getting real “swole”. He seems to be preparing to go out on the prowl again and find himself a new Hunny. Or is he just trying to make Maria jealous and win her back?

90 Day Fiance: Maria Break-Up Hits Caesar Mack Hard

When his mysterious Ukrainian love Maria broke his heart, Caesar Mack took it really hard. The 46-year-old nail technician went back to his hotel room and cried, telling 90 Day Fiance producers that he was heartbroken and devastated. Maria said she broke up with him because he always played the victim and didn’t act like a real man.

So, it’s kind of ironic that the 90 Day Fiance star accused Maria of toying with him and playing with his emotions. Yet, I’d be upset too after sending someone over $40,000 because I thought we were in love.

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Hanging with my boy trying to get big swole watch out lady I will be back

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Caesar Will Show Maria What She Lost

Caesar Mack told 90 Day Fiance fans he is going to start working on getting in shape. He says he’s trying to get “big swole” which is slang for very muscular. Caesar is getting some help from a nutrition supplement store, All Sport Nutrition, in Jacksonville NC. The TLC star posed for some pictures with the guys there and posted them.

His sudden interest in getting fit might have to do with Maria dumping him on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. While Caesar Mack has always been confident about his looks, maybe he’s taking things up a notch, so he can let Maria know what she’s missing. Caesar wrote, “watch out lady I will be back”.

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Name's the pipe layer, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, I'm coming to clean some pipes out roter rooter style.

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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – TLC Celeb Dreams of Becoming Stripper?

If Caesar Mack isn’t trying to get Maria back or hook up with a new lady, he might be starting a new career path. Several years ago, the 90 Day Fiance celeb expressed interest in becoming a male stripper. He even posed in front of a Las Vegas advertisement. He recorded himself tearing his shirt off in front of the billboard. Which could mean that he wants to put exotic dancer on his resume?

It may not be far fetched. At 46, it will be hard for Caesar to get into Chippendale’s shape, but he would be a big draw for his fans. Many viewers find his loyalty enduring, and he seems to be getting his share of attention from women online and while out in public.

Look out for Caesar in the next Magic Mike film, folks.

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