’90 Day Fiance’: Brandon Gibbs Goes Pantsless – Thought No One Would Notice?

90 Day Fiance star Brandon Gibbs had a wardrobe malfunction when he turned up pantsless on camera. Perhaps he thought no one would notice — or maybe he was looking for attention. Julia Trubkina’s guy appealed to fans but was careless with camera angles. Here’s what we saw.

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Gibbs Keeps Forgetting About Cameras

Brandon Gibbs got really frisky with Julia Trubkina on camera in footage too raw for the TLC network. Brandon’s gotten lots of attention this season for bickering with his parents over his intimacy with Julia. And on the Discovery Plus show, 90 Day Fiance Bares All, it got more intense.

Brandon’s parents, Betty Gibbs and Ron Gibbs don’t want him and Julia sleeping in the same bedroom. So, the young couple finds other places to give in to their feelings. Betty and Ron made clear they don’t want to hear anything when they also popped up on 90 Day Fiance Bares All.

The spinoff revealed footage that didn’t make it onto the regular show. It was a car scene with Julia and Brandon Gibbs. They argued. Then, she offered to give him “a tickle” (a shot from that scene is below). Then her hand slid lower on 90 Day Fiance. Now, Brandon’s at it again.

90 Day Fiance: Julia Trubkina - Brandon Gibbs

Did Julia Trubkina’s Guy Choose No-Pants on Purpose?

On Bares All, Brandon Gibbs admitted to 90 Day Fiance host Shaun Robinson that he and Julia got carried away and forgot about the cameras. But he was self-filming recently and made another big whoopsy. And this time, there’s no way Brandon didn’t know about the cameras.

Like many other 90 Day Fiance cast members, Brandon Gibbs joined paid video service Cameo. There, he charges $30 for a personalized message from him. However, Brandon’s launch video was a bit of a jaw-dropping (and pants-dropping) shocker.

When announcing he’d joined the service, Brandon filmed himself bedside, with a glowing candle for mood. He wore a collared shirt and a gray v-neck sweater. Brandon Gibbs looked like he’d dressed up for the occasion. Then he stood up – and you can see his misstep in the picture below.

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Gibbs

No Pants Brandon Reveal – Can’t Blame Mom for Condoms and Chocolates on 90 Day Fiance

You can see above that Brandon Gibbs was only dressed appropriately from the waist up. It seems he’d decided not to wear pants while making his video. As he reached to turn off the camera, you catch a glimpse (seen above) of his lily-white legs peeking from beneath his sweater and shirt.

It does look like the 90 Day Fiance celeb is wearing tight whities. So, at least Brandon’s not going commando as well as without trousers. But did Julia’s fiance do this on purpose, or was it just careless? Either way, it’s probably more of Brandon than his mom wants to see.

And in case the condoms and chocolate bowl on his nightstand freaked you out on 90 Day Fiance — here’s a truth bomb. His mom said that she didn’t put those there. Although Betty does want her son being “safe”, she said that her pal Aspen was the one that did it.

So, it looks like Brandon Gibbs either wants to be on camera doing naughty things — or he’s just oblivious to the fact that cameras capture more than just what you want. It remains to be seen if Brandon will be more careful once he starts making videos for fans.

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