’90 Day Fiance’: Brandon Gibbs & Father Bizarre Twin Twist

90 Day Fiance star Brandon Gibbs is usually talked about for how close he is with his mom. But a picture of his dad shows just how much closer they are.

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Gibbs Weird Relationship With Parents

90 Day Fiance personality Brandon Gibbs has parents that most people wouldn’t want to have. While it’s nice that they all care about each other and help take care of the family farm, they’ve only recently let the 27-year-old move away. His wife Julia Trubkina was not happy with their living situation when she first came to America to live with him. And while it was said money is why they didn’t move from the parent’s farm, it was clear to viewers that was only one small reason.

Brandon’s parents Betty Gibbs and Ron Gibbs, loved having their son around. They also say that if he moved, it would be hard to take care of the farm with just them. But the problem Brandon had is if he and Julia lived at their house, it was their rules. Many fans think this is a way to keep him with them. A picture of Ron and Betty from the past shows he may be closer to his parents than he thinks. He looks just like his dad.

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Gibbs - Julia Trubkina

TLC Stars Get Married

90 Day Fiance lovers Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina have finally tied the knot and are excited to tell the world. The couple got married in a chapel with a small crowd around them. Fans have a lot to say about Julia’s dress and shoe choice as she wore low-cut sneakers and tall white socks. But Brandon couldn’t take his eyes off of his wife.

The pair are excited to have a life together and are even living on their own now. And they are far from the farm. Brandon even posted videos of them feeding crocodiles so they can have some sense of farm life near them. Fans are excited to see what married life awaits them. Now, does a picture from the past show just what their future holds?

90 Day Fiance: Rob Gibbs- Betty Gibbs- Brandon Gibbs - Julia Trubkina

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Gibbs – Twinning?

Brandon Gibbs from 90 Day Fiance, as it would turn out, has an almost twin. And it’s his dad. A scary pic from Rob Gibbs and Betty Gibbs’ past shows that Brandon looks just like his dad. And it’s so accurate it’s crazy. Even Betty looks a little bit like Julia Trubkina. Both having thin bodies and high cheekbones.

Of course, now Brandon doesn’t look like his dad, but this just shows he just might in the future. And with genes that strong, if he and Julia ever have a son, he might look like Ron too. So one could say this dad and son duo is twinning.

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