’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed’s Manscaping Adventure With His Mom

90 Day Fiance star Ed Brown, better known as Big Ed, is getting ready for a date with his new girl. His mom is helping him, and it’s a bit weird.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Drops Rose

90 Day Fiance personality Ed Brown has been apart from his ex, Rose, for some time now. Since she’s broken up with him, he’s been doing research on how to amp up his dating life. He’s gone through multiple dating apps and even hired a relationship expert. Now that he is ready to get back on the scene, he has the cameras follow him around.

Ed has been eyeing a waitress at his favorite restaurant and is hoping she’ll go out with him. He knows she is 28 and has a daughter. He met her on break when she was with her daughter, and Ed gave her stickers. When asked how she feels about him, she says he’s definitely flirty. She’s not sure if she feels the same way about him that he feels about her but surprises fans by saying yes to date.

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown

The Date in The Flesh

90 Day Fiance co-star Ed Brown is going on a date with Liz, a woman he’s wanted to ask out for months. Now that they only have a short time to sit down and talk, Ed wants to make this the best date ever. He asks her many questions, and she seems surprised at how much she is actually starting to like Ed.

Ed awkwardly laughs his way through a few silent moments, but other than the date seems to be going great. She even decided to wear flip-flops to match him. She’s actually worried Ed won’t like her because she is “damaged.” Ed tells her not to think of herself that way. He says he doesn’t want to hear her talk like that because he thinks she is amazing. She has two divorces up her sleeve. He says he understands and wants to see her again. She agrees to a date and says she has feelings for him she didn’t expect.

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown - Norma Brown

90 Day Fiance: Ed Gets Make-Over for Second Date

Ed Brown from 90 Day Fiance is getting ready for his second date with Liz. He likes her a lot and isn’t sure how far the next date will go, so he wants to look good. Like everywhere. Ed’s mom is there to help him get ready. She lathers up a literal paint roller and covers Ed in hair remover. He says he wants to be completely hairless for Liz.

Liz finds out that Ed’s daughter is older than her, and she’s a little weirded out by this. They both seem excited about their next date, and fans are too. Maybe this will be the end of Ed’s dating troubles.

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