’90 Day Fiance’: Betty Gibbs vs Debbie Johnson – Which Helicopter Mom Is Worse?

90 Day Fiance fans are comparing Betty Gibbs and Debbie Johnson because of the overbearing nature of these two mothers. Both of these mothers are seen in a negative light by TLC fans. But, which one of these parents is worse?

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Johnson’s Difficult Journey

90 Day Fiance star Debbie Johnson is the mother of Colt Johnson. Debbie’s journey throughout TLC history is a hard one, mainly because of how often she fought with Colt’s fiancee. Larissa Dos Santos Lima didn’t like Debbie Johnson, because she felt like she ruled the house. And this caused Larissa to often lash out, causing a ruckus in the whole house because she’s unhappy.

And even after Colt and Larissa divorced, she isn’t done being involved in Colt’s romantic life. She’s heavily involved while Colt was dating Jess Caroline. But, Jess didn’t take kindly to Debbie either. She even called Debbie Johnson a “devil in disguise.”

Many 90 Day Fiance fans talk about the relationship between Colt and Debbie Johnson as being strange. This is because she still cares too much for her son. She washes his laundry, cooks meals for him, and cleans up after him.

90 Day Fiance: Betty Gibbs

Betty Gibbs & Her Outlandish Rules

90 Day Fiance star Betty Gibbs may be giving Debbie some competition. Betty Gibbs is featured in season 8 of this TLC hit show. She’s the mother of Brandon Gibbs, who brought Julia Trubkina over to the United States to get married.

Betty Gibbs is often crossing the line with Brandon and his fiancee. Before Julia came over to the USA, Betty talked to Brandon about putting his fiancee on birth control. She also asked many questions about Brandon’s intimate life, such as what protection methods they’re using.

After Julia Trubkina came to the States, Betty continued to pry into Julia and Brandon’s personal life. And Betty often hounds Julia about waking up early to work on chores around Hummingbird Acre Farms. The way that many fans feel like Betty’s acting is that the farm will fall apart if Julia doesn’t help out with chores.

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Johnson

90 Day Fiance: Betty Gibbs vs Debbie Johnson

90 Day Fiance fans are comparing Betty Gibbs and Debbie Johnson to each other. This is because of the overbearing qualities of both of these moms. But, it seems that there’s a clear ‘winner’ of who the least liked TLC mom is.

One fan says that Betty watched Debbie on TV and decided to make her look like “a Girl Scout.” Another viewer says that it looks like Betty and Debbie “belong together.” Someone else says that it looks like Debbie “is a saint” after they watched Betty.

And while there are many 90 Day Fiance supporters who clearly aren’t loving either Betty or Debbie, others are making jokes. One fan says that Debbie is a “possessive mom” but that Betty puts out a great competition for that, saying “hold my cloudy water.”

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