90 Day Fiance: Ashley Says TLC Made Her and Jay Fake Breakup – Vows She’s Quitting Reality TV

90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson is blaming producers of the hit TLC show for her and Jay Smith‘s frauding. She called out Sharp Entertainment and the network and tried to say they were the ones making the pair lie. Now she says she’s breaking her NDA to tell “the truth”. But things still don’t add up about their finances, Go Fund Mes, and all the confirmed fibbing.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson Blames TLC Production For All The Lies

Looks like Ashley Martson can’t handle the flaming criticism and is desperate to shift blame. The 90 Day Fiance alum offered a series of lengthy and somewhat contradictory excuses yesterday. The upshot was that she is putting lots of the credit for her and Jay’s lies on the production company that makes the TLC show.

In her recent Instagram story, Jay Smith’s wife seemingly tries to save herself from more hate and humiliation as she pins everything on the network. The reality star claims TLC/Sharp (without naming them) made them lie about certain things while shooting the show. She also said she’s done with them.

She spoke up after Jay Smith was live streaming on the Instagram account that “leaked” their wedding photos. His misstep proved they were frauding about saying that her ex-BFF Natalie Crawford owned the leak account. What Ashley Martson didn’t blame on TLC, she tried to pin on Jay!

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Ashley Calls 90 Day Fiance Deceptive – Uses Show As An Excuse For Fraud?

In her lengthy post, Ashley Martson alleges that “the show” instructed them to pretend that they had broken up. She said they were asked to be “very deceptive” but admitted they agreed to play along. The former 90 Day Fiance star claims all the fraud started with production and they only followed suit.

She also tried another angle saying she thought the show “was just for entertainment”. That sounds like Ashley Martson thinks she was on a soap opera rather than on a reality show. So that seems to be a justification for lying and pretending. However, it doesn’t explain everything.



Ashley Martson Says She Broke 90 Day Fiance NDA – Won’t Get Paid

To substantiate her claims, Ashley Martson mockingly called herself a “money-hungry scammer” then said she’s giving up money to break the NDA and come clean. She said she and Jay Smith never broke up then said by admitting the truth, she “won’t be paid a dime” for future shows.

However, according to Jon Walters in a recent Instagram video, Ashley just got a check for $50,000 from Sharp Entertainment for last season. He said that money came during the same time frame she ran her Go Fund Me.

Plus, with fans outraged and demanding TLC dump them from any future shows, was she really risking anything? There are reports that Ashley and Jay Smith will appear on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After but if those shows already filmed, that check may already be in the bank too…

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Calls Fellow Cast Hypocrites

In the wake of Jay Smith being caught red-handed frauding, lots of his and Ashley Martson’s fellow cast members took them to task on social media. Now, Ashley is slapping back at them. She says they are hypocrites for criticizing her and her husband.

“You work for the same show, so acting mortified about the falsity of things that happen is completely hypocritical.” That was Ashley’s response. She also slams her fellow co-stars who spoke out and accused them of trying to get back into the limelight.

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith Go Fund Me

90 Day Fiance Go Fund Me Fraud Questions Persist

Ashley Martson’s ex-BFF Natalie Crawford was accused of being a leaker. But now it looks like she might have been a whistleblower instead – warning fans about the dishonesty. Questions persist about Ashley Martson and Jay Smith running GFMs claiming they needed cash when they’re now partying in NYC at fashion week. There’s also the fact that an account using Jay’s exact Insta handle and profile pic started a GoFundMe. It asked for money to move out of Ashley Martson’s house and get his own place.

Since Ashley says they never broke up, why would he need money to move out. And even if the GFM is a fake (but it sure doesn’t look like it), you can see he’s also talking about buying $1,600 sneakers. That seems a bit much for a couple seeking money from hard-working 90 Day Fiance fans to help pay their bills, right? See the above screen shots. It looks like a GFM started by Jay and them him bragging about buying Gucci sneakers.

Where Do the 90 Day Fiance Lies Stop and Start?

The clip above is from the 90 Day Fiance TLC Tell All. It sure makes it look like Ashley Martson and Jay Smith split. Now she’s telling fans that she wants to clear things up. She offered a convoluted story about how Jay started a fake account to leak that was based on Natalie’s fake account that leaked. Strangely, she seems to believe by telling the truth about the lying – that people will now believe them.

Yet the Ashley Martson and Jay Smith drama will probably persist as long as there are people willing to watch and follow along. They admitted to playing fans “for entertainment” so is this just more of the same? Ashley Martson blamed the production company and threw Jay Smith under the bus too. What should fans believe?

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