’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Martson Claims Not In Rehab – Shuts Down Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Ashley Martson just deleted her Instagram account and claims its because she doesn’t want to stoop to Jay Smith‘s level. That’s the excuse she gave but just what is that level? This is the same woman who said she’d been drinking the day when she smashed Jay’s apartment window with a fire extinguisher just several days ago. According to Ashley, she was charged in the drunken incident.

90 Day Fiance Star Ashley Martson Going Into “Wellness Retreat” – Says It’s Not Rehab

Before her farewell to Instagram speech, the 90 Day Fiance blonde started by asking everyone to stop reporting that she’s in rehab. She said she’s staying five days at a women’s “wellness retreat” before leaving on a cruise.

It sounds like Ashley Martson might be taking a page from the Jon Snow playbook. Just a couple of weeks ago, actor Kit Harington’s reps asked places like TMZ to stop saying Kit’s in rehab, and start saying he’s just in a “wellness retreat”. Now, the 90 Day Fiance celeb is using the exact same words… “wellness retreat”.


It’s common for celebrities (major and minor) to check themselves into a quickie drug and alcohol treatment center before appearing before a judge. Since Ashley admits she was drinking at the time she threw a fire extinguisher through Jay’s window, could the “wellness retreat” be a legal maneuver? Will we get to see it on 90 Day Fiance?

Ashley Off Of Instagram – But Calls Out Jay Smith First

Next, the 90 Day Fiance alum posted a three-prong reprimand for Jay Smith on Instagram. Jay recently posted a picture which Ashley Martson corrected as – “an old photo”. Apparently, that old photo, which is seen below, gave the impression he was in her house. She didn’t want him to do that again. Then Ashley Martson told Jay not to post photos of her, her home, or anything having to do with her.

Then the third section of her reprimand sounded like this Happily Ever After star meant business. Ashley Martson claimed she left the rest of Jay’s stuff in front of the tattoo shop. She also suggested, “you may want to go get it.”

Happily Ever After: Jay Smith Finds Nothing Says Love Like Folded Discarded ‘Stuff’

Apparently, Ashley did what she said because shortly afterwards, Jay posted a picture of a garbage bag in front of a door. Then the 90 Day Fiance tattoo artist poked her a bit with his caption of that picture. “When you throw away all his stuff… But you still love him so you fold it for him”. It sounds like Jay’s discarded stuff looked neatly folded to him.

Ashley Martson claimed that she dropped off all his stuff so he couldn’t make excuses to connect with her again.

Ashley Martson didn’t just go dark on Instagram and leave it at that. No, The 90 Day Fiance cast member asked John Yates to post a notice of why she did this. While viewers watch Jay Smith and Ashley Martson fall apart on Happily Ever After, she did eventually filed for divorce.

90 Day Fiance: Badly Burned – Just Throw Fire Extinguisher Through Window

But Ashley and Jay don’t seem to be through with each other even though their 90 Day Fiance marriage is over. Now the excuse is getting their belongings straight. Ashley chucked a fire extinguisher right through Jay’s window, resulting in the police coming out. She admitted to doing this and she also fessed up that she’d been drinking before she did it. According to Jay, the fire extinguisher hit one of his friends, and he also had a girl in his bedroom. It appears to fans like Ashley wants to kick Jay to the curb, but he’s not allowed to live his life after he leaves.

Now Ashley Martson deactivates her IG account and offers up a farewell of sorts to the people who followed her on that social media platform. Ashley Martson writes that she “can’t do this anymore.” She also passes along to her 90 Day Fiance followers how she’s “making herself look stupid stooping to Jay’s level.” Then she went on to say her very long piece with her finger pointed at Jay Smith the entire time she said that farewell.

Ashley Martson claims she was badly burned after opening up her heart to someone she loved very much. But the result of that 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After relationship left her with women attacking her while supporting Jay’s behaviors, according to Ashley. Claiming that while she’s still emotionally raw after the treatment she received from Jay Smith, Ashley Martson feels she still doesn’t have control over the situation.

Happily Ever After: Women’s Wellness Stay Then Cruise

Now Ashley Martson is headed for a “wellness retreat” and it sounds like she believes this is the result of her relationship with Jay Smith. But she plans to sign on back to Instagram once completing her stay at the facility. The 90 Day Fiance scorned lover shares her goal for this treatment. She hopes to “learn coping mechanisms to not lash out towards someone who hurt me so badly.”

As far as Jay Smith is concerned, his unhappy 90 Day Fiance partner is letting the “system handle him”. To top off this farewell to Instagram, Ashley wishes Jay Smith the best in life. But did she really mean she hopes he has a Happily Ever After ending? It appears Ashley didn’t just deactivate her Instagram and call it a day. It looks like she first needed to have her say.

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