’90 Day Fiance’: Andrei Castravet – 5 Things You May Not Know About Libby’s Husband

90 Day Fiance star Andrei Castravet is the husband of Elizabeth Potthast Castravet and is one of the most popular leads on the TLC hit show. A native Moldovan, Andrei has an alpha-male personality. While fans are aware that Andrei formerly worked as a police officer and a bouncer, there are a few other things that you might not know about Andrei.

#1 90 Day Fiance Celeb Andrei Castravet is Secretly a Softy

On the show, Andrei Castravet portrays himself as dominant and assertive – a real chest-thumper. However, off-camera, this couldn’t be further from his actual personality. Andrei Castravet and his partner Elizabeth often joke and smile together. You can see his goofy personality come through the most when he’s spending time with his daughter, Eleanor Castravet.

#2 The Moldovan Husband Loves Dogs

Andrei Castravet takes every chance he has to share updates about his daily activities and life-updates. Sometimes, fans will get the chance to look at his workout routine or what he’s eating for lunch. But, the one thing that he’s always showing off is his dogs.

From fans being able to watch his dogs’ cute moments to see the 90 Day Fiance favorite play with his furry friends. it’s clear Andrei loves pups. However, they shared recently that they had to say goodbye to Bear, their black lab, but still have their German Shepherd.

90 Day Fiance: Andrei Castravet


#3 Andrei Recently Lost Weight

During an episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, many of Andrei’s Moldovan friends commented on his weight gain. He just brushed off the joking comments of his pals — it seems like he may have taken their jokes to heart. Recently, Andrei Castravet opened up about how he’s dropping the pounds.

He’s even taking time to share tips with others on how they can successfully lose fat and improve their fitness as he has. While Andrei Castravet didn’t say how many LBs he lost, he isn’t rocking a dad bod anymore. Instead, he’s toned up and got a flat stomach again.

#4 Elizabeth’s Hubby Smokes

That’s right, this health-conscious 90 Day Fiance lead smokes cigars. Andrei is even very vocal about his belief in the health benefits that tobacco has to offer.

He talks about buying organic tobacco that’s grown in the Middle East because it’s healthy. Also, Libby’s husband says that he believes that when you use tobacco from this region, you could become “more healthy” than you previously were. Hmm. Might have to fact-check that tidbit from Andrei Castravet…

90 Day Fiance: Andrei Castravet


#5 90 Day Fiance Celebrity Andrei is an Orthodox Christian

While many people recognize that Andrei Castravet is religious, they may not know his faith’s specifics. First, he’s a Christian by upbringing. This isn’t surprising, considering how many Moldovan natives follow that overarching faith. Second, his church, the Moldovan Orthodox Church, falls under the Russian Orthodoxy.

His religion came to light on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After when his wife, Elizabeth, needed to be baptized before their wedding in his home country. We’ll keep you up to date on what’s next for Libby and Andrei Castravet – so stay tuned.

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