7 New Leaks From ‘Big Brother 22’

Big Brother 22 will be happening on BB‘s 20th anniversary year. So, it’s not surprising that they’d want to bring back some major throwback competitions and twists for such a special season. Not to mention, the closer we get to the potential July airdate, the more leaks we’ve been getting from our source close to CBS. Let’s take a look at the seven new leaks from BB22.

#1 Special Television Announcement

Entertainment Tonight will host a Big Brother 22 special on Monday, July 6 at 8 pm. In the description for the hour-long episode of ET, it lists BB as a topic to talk about. So, what do they know that we don’t know? Are we getting an official statement or is it just celebrating 20 years of our favorite summer reality show?

#2 Big Brother House Reveal

According to our CBS source, the house reveal will also be happening on the 6th. They’re saying that there’s no set theme like in the past couple of years. Yet, the entire season 22 of Big Brother will be a throwback of sorts. They’ll be paying homage to the days of BB past and that has a lot of potential to make a great season.

#3 Nomination Wheel

Big Brother fans have been begging for the return of a coveted tradition. Yes, it’s the beloved nomination wheel of keys that the HoH used to nominate houseguest for evictions was discarded on BB16 and onwards. Sadly, it’s a tradition that most of the fandom enjoyed. Watching houseguest pull keys from the wheel in tense anticipation made for some really nailbiting moments.

#4 Big Brother’s America’s Player Twist

America’s Player came about in Big Brother 8 when fans got to decide different tasks for player Eric Stein to complete. If he completed them successfully, he’d win prizes. They brought it back for a week when viewers voted Dan Gheesling to be America’s Player in BB10. It would be awesome for older BB fans to get to see this twist return.

#5 Coup d’Etat

Who could forget the special power gifted to an individual Big Brother player to completely change the game? It allowed for the holder to remove the two nominees and replace them with two players of their choice. First, it appeared in All-Stars and went unused then  Jeff Shroeder used it to get Jessie Godderz evicted later on in BB11.

#6 Big Brother Secret Room Returns

The Secret Big Brother room is located upstairs and is used for a multitude of different things. Paul Abrahamian found it on BB18 where it was used to as the “Paris Room”. Here houseguests try and get a special round trip ticket back into the house if evicted. Later on, it was used as the Den of Temptation in BB19 and Camp Comeback in BB21.

#7 Food Comps

In the earlier Big Brother days, Haves and Have Nots weren’t decided by volunteering or even a thing. They actually had food competitions to decided which houseguests got to eat what foods. This went on from BB2 to BB10 before they threw away with it for Haves/Have Nots competitions and later volunteers to eat slop. Yet, it would be pretty fun to see it come back into play again, wouldn’t it?

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