6 People Who Tried to Kill Christine on ‘Young and the Restless’

Young and the Restless local opinion in Genoa City’s divided on Christine Blair Williams (Lauralee Bell) – some love her, some hate her, and a few tried to kill her. With classic episodes looking back recently, you’ve seen some old-school plots with Christine. Now, take a look with Soap Dirt at six people that tried to kill Cricket.

#1 Derek Stuart Assaulted and Shot at Christine Williams on Young and the Restless

Back in the day, Christine Blair was a teen fashion model working for Jabot. Then, she was engaged to Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz). After they split over his cheating, she went on a date with Derek Stuart (Ken Olandt).

But that didn’t go well on Young and the Restless because he raped her. After Christine pressed charges, he took a shot at her in revenge, but someone else took the bullet for her. Derek jumped out a window and died – and Christine Blair was inspired to become a lawyer by the incident.

#2 David Kimble Threatened to Cut Her on Y&R

Young and the Restless introduced David Kimble (Michael Corbett) at Jabot. Back then, Christine was besties with Nina Webster (Tricia Cast), who’d just inherited a fortune. When David tried to woo her for her money, nosy Christine Blair interfered.

So, David threatened to carve up Cricket’s face and ruin her modeling career on Young and the Restless. Later, after he’d faked his death and came back to Genoa City in disguise, he plotted to kill Christine, Nina, and Danny. Like the garbage he was, David wound up crushed in a trash truck.

#3 Michael Baldwin Also Attacked Cricket

Once she became a lawyer, Christine worked with hotshot attorney Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc). He sexually harassed her, and other women, so Cricket decided to report him. Michael dodged the charges for a while and left to work at another law firm on Young and the Restless.

But Christine Blair wouldn’t let up, determined to ruin his career. So, Michael dug his way into Christine’s apartment, then jumped out of the closet and attacked. Before he got a chance to shoot her, Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) broke in and saved her, shooting Michael on Young and the Restless.

#4 Murderous Mari Jo Came After Cricket Too

Mari Jo Mason (Diana Barton) started on Young and the Restless working in Jabot’s art department. She was into a ton of dirty deeds and later got obsessed with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and shot Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) to stop him from exposing her crimes.

Then, on Young and the Restless, Victor used Christine as bait to capture Mari Jo. The crazed artist tried to shoot Christine Blair, but thankfully, the gun was a prop with blanks. Otherwise, she’d have ended Christine’s life. That was another close call for Cricket.

Young and the Restless: Mari Jo Mason (Diana Barton) - Christine Blair Williams (Lauralee Bell)

#5 Phyllis Summers Ran Her Down With a Car on Young and the Restless

There was bad blood on Y&R with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and Christine. Back then, Cricket wed Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian), but Phyllis cheated with him. Cricket divorced him and rebounded with Paul Williams.

Later, on Young and the Restless, Phyllis decided Christine Williams was the reason she couldn’t be happy with Danny. So, Red rented a car and decided to run over Cricket on her wedding day to Paul. Instead, Phyllis hit Paul on accident, and that left him with a non-working pee-pee.

#6 Isabella Brana Targeted Christine Too

Michael’s one to hold a grudge on Young and the Restless and brought sexy Isabella Brana (Eva Longoria) to town to lure Paul away from Christine Blair Williams. The plan worked, and Isabella bedded Paul. Paul got her pregnant, but she said Michael was the daddy instead.

In the end, on Young and the Restless, Paul married Isabella but later fooled around (and reunited) with Christine. So, Isabella faked her death then plotted to kill Cricket by drugging her and attacking her in the bath. Paul rescued Christine Williams (again), and Isabella was sent away. Isabelle popped up on the soap in recent re-runs too!

Of course, there’s also Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), who ran Cricket down with her car on Young and the Restless. But that was a DUI, not attempted murder. Still, the accident caused Christine to miscarry. So, what’s the takeaway from all this?

Plenty of people hated Christine Blair Williams enough to kill her. But always, some man saved her life. In the end, Christine’s still alive and kicking in Genoa City, despite all the times people tried to off her. You’ll see some more of this action during Y&R’s classic episodes.

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