‘1000-lb Sisters’: Amy’s Baby Underweight – NICU Danger

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton reveals that her baby is in danger of being underweight and having to go into the NICU. After her latest appointment, she says that Gage is losing weight while he’s still in her belly.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Afraid of Labor

On 1000-lb Sisters, Amy Slaton says she’s afraid of giving birth to her son, Gage. She reveals feeling this way because she doesn’t want to die while she’s in childbirth. Also, she’s afraid that there’s going to be something wrong with her Gage.

So, to calm her nerves, Amy Slaton goes to a psychic while on 1000-lb Sisters. Tammy Slaton also joins in on the journey to go meet the medium, as she’s got a few questions that she wants to be answered for herself.

During the meeting with the psychic on 1000-lb Sisters, the woman reveals Amy Slaton’s cards. She tells Amy that it’s time for her to find a new house because there’s an evil presence in her home. Next, the psychic gives Amy information about her birth. The woman says it’s going to be difficult labor.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

TLC Star Sages for Safety

After visiting with the medium on 1000-lb Sisters, Amy Slaton and her sister download apps on their phone to help them ghost hunt. They explain that they’re looking for the “ghost cat” that haunts both of their houses.

But, Amy tells Tammy that she’s also bought sage and is planning to cleanse her house. On 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy asks her sister why she’s suddenly planning on saging the house. Amy says with Gage getting ready to come into the world, she thinks it’s a good idea to get rid of all of the negative energy in the house. However, she invites the “ghost cat” to stay with her. Then, she says she wants her son Gage to be as safe as possible. This is especially before they move into their new home.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Reveals Sad Update About Son

On 1000-lb Sisters, Amy Slaton gives her sister Tammy a sad update about the health of her baby. After saging her house, Amy sits down to talk with her sister, Tammy. Then, Tammy comments about how she’s afraid for Gage to come into the world. Next, she says that she’s afraid because she worries he’s going to have to stay in the NICU for a few weeks.

Then, 1000-lb Sisters star Amy says that at her next appointment, her baby’s going to get measured again. This is because Gage is currently underweight. Also, Amy says that at the doctor’s appointment she just attended, medical professionals revealed that Gage is losing weight while in her womb. So, the hospital warned her that Gage may have to go into the NICU if he isn’t healthy enough.

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