‘Younger’ Season 6 Premiere: Hillary Duff Admits Co-Star Swigged Her Breast Milk

Younger season 6 rolls out tonight on TV Land and ahead of the premiere, Hillary Duff (Kelsey Peters) visited The Talk to offer insights. While Hillary had plenty to say about the show itself, she shared some behind the scenes antics as well. It sounds like Hillary Duff and her co-stars know how to have fun. And some of it involved Nico Tortorella  (Josh) and Hillary’s breast milk.

Younger Co-Star, Nico Tortorella, Swigs Hillary Duff’s Breast Milk

Along with her visit to The Talk, Hillary Duff also brought shared a video. In the video, she delivered her second baby in a pool of water. With Hillary breastfeeding her baby the Younger star needs to pump breast milk while at work. It seems she dropped a few jaws among The Talk audience on Wednesday when she described her co-star’s Nico Tortorella’s reaction to her pumping. He asked if he could take a sip and once putting it in a cup – he did.

Nico Tortorella posted a video of himself doing this on his Instagram account at the beginning of the year. Seems fans took to social media as some saw this as a bit weird. This happened during the reading of the first episode for Younger season 6, which rolls out tonight. While Younger fans not only found Nico Tortorella sipping breast milk out of a cup a bit over the edge, his critique of the liquid also sounded bizarre. He reported it was quite good and he enjoyed it. So from what Hillary Duff said on The Talk today, it looks like she denied her Younger co-star his request for more.

Playing Drunk on ‘The Talk’

One of the things Hillary Duff shared with the co-hosts of The Talk is that acting like she’s drunk on Younger isn’t the easiest of feats. Unlike regular acting, playing someone who’s inebriated involves your whole body, Hillary shared with The Talk co-hosts. So the ladies of The Talk could see Hillary in action, they asked her to give a demonstration of playing drunk. The Younger star obliged and read a promo for her TV Land show premiere to the audience.

Hillary Duff was also given a prop, which looked an awful lot like a martini, complete with olive. After sipping the prop Hillary let loose. Once she finished reading the Younger promo, you could see why she said she uses her entire body for playing the role of someone who’s had a few. The former Lizzie McGuire star moved her head, hands, and entire upper torso. And she did quite a good job of it.

Younger: The Ladies Move On Up

It seems the show is extremely entertaining, which is evident from the postings online of the Younger die-hard fans. The ladies on this show work at a publishing company. They’ve moved their way up the ladder over the past five seasons. Furthermore, now they’re at the top, they find it’s not easy. But as Hillary Duff said in another recent interview, it feels as if it was earned. One of the things this co-star said on The Talk today was how this show demonstrates things behind the making of a head CEO.

She said it touches on the subject of how it’s not unheard of for failing companies put a female CEO in place. While the woman had no hand in a company’s downfall, she’s there at the top as it spirals. This is just one example of what goes on in real life with any number of businesses. On Younger Hillary’s character, Kelsey gets the whole enchilada. It appears she made it to the top as she’s now head of Empirical. Hillary Duff’s character worked her way to the top of the business on this show. It looks like Younger season 6 shows how being at the top is not always a cake-walk.

Younger Season 6premieres tonight, June 12 at 10 pm ET on TV Land.

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