‘Young and the Restless’ Writers Misstep with Amanda-Hilary?

Young and the Restless leaks from CBS daytime predict things could change with Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) when the soap returns from hiatus. Many fans weren’t happy at how the showrunners wrote for the actress since her return. Will they correct what many see as a misstep?

When Will Young and the Restless Be Back With Mishael Morgan?

Last we saw Amanda Sinclair on Y&R — she was dating Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic). Things were heating up between them. But, Bill Abbott (Jason Thompson) keeps giving them side-eye. Clearly, he wants to be with Amanda, but after that one night she slept in his arms, they fizzled.

Still, Young and the Restless spoilers at the time of the production shutdown looked like an “Amilly” pairing. Some fans were into it – while others wanted Amanda Sinclair far from Billy. Yet, it sure looked like Billy would keep lurking and eventually interfere with Amanda and Nate.

But when will we see any new Young and the Restless episodes? While other states are opening up, California’s doubling down in many ways. There’s no end in sight for Hollywood getting back to work. Optimistically, it’ll be July or August when they start shooting and Fall for new shows.

Y&R Leak: Writers Shaking up Plots – Is Amanda Sinclair One of Them?

There’s a pile of Young and the Restless fans that don’t want Amanda Sinclair with either Billy or Nate. After Mal Young, as head writer, took down two women of color with his poorly written plots (Hilary Curtis dead, Lily Winters in prison), it’s time to get back on track.

Already, the new Young and the Restless writers made things right, in part. They got Lily out of prison and convinced Christel Khalil to come back on contract after she left during Mal’s terrible regime. Then, they rehired Mishael Morgan, but fans aren’t loving what they’ve done with her.

The good news from a Young and the Restless set source is the writers are taking this production hiatus as an opportunity to rethink all the storylines. No doubt that also includes what’s happening with Amanda Sinclair. So, when they finally get back, what will Amanda be doing?

Will Young and the Restless Finally Pair Devon & Amanda?

Ever since Y&R brought back Mishael, fans were looking to see her with Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) and for them to romance. While Amanda with Devon isn’t quite “Hevon,” it’s the next best thing. Yet, the Young and the Restless writing team set them against each other from the start.

Perhaps they’re planning a slow burn for Devon and Amanda Sinclair. Maybe the writers thought they’d pair her with the Billy friendship, then romance with Nate. And then, a year into her Young and the Restless return, they’d finally put Devon with Amanda. Or maybe they never planned it at all.

Expectations are high for Young and the Restless fresh episodes. Why? With CBS daytime airing classic episodes, it’s giving Y&R fans a reminder of the soap at its best, before the string of bad writers, and fan-favorite actors chased off by production spats.

So, let’s hope there are lots of Zoom meetings happening among the Y&R writing staff, and they’re using this break to do better. If they don’t start tapping the potential of Amanda Sinclair and other great characters, they might see ratings slip when they return. Wait to see.

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