‘Young and The Restless‘: Who Is Adam’s Mother And How Did Hope Adams Capture Victor’s Heart?

Young and The Restless mentioned Adam Newman’s (Mark Grossman) mom lately. But who is Hope Adams (Signy Coleman) and how did she wind up bearing one of Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) kids? While Y&R viewers know Victor, some may not be familiar with Hope. She was first seen onscreen in 1993 as a blind woman living on a farm in Kansas. Hope was a sweet humble farm owner and Victor was larger than life. Though an unlikely pair, they fell in love. Who is this woman who captured the heart of the mighty Victor Newman and bore his namesake son? Here’s what you should know.

Young and The Restless: Victor Leaves Genoa City – Finds Hope on a Farm

Back in the day on Y&R, Victor left his life in the city and ended up on Hope Adams’ Kansas farm. The two connected after Victor saved her from being raped. Although she was blind, Hope was self-sufficient. But, still she welcomed Victor’s help on the farm. Everyone back home believed he was dead. So, he stayed and enjoyed the simple life and fell hard for this woman who was unlike anyone else he’d known on the CBS soap.

Hope fell for Victor despite being engaged to another man. When he decided to go home, she left her fiancé and followed him to GC. While there, she met Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). Jealous Nikki made Hope feel out of place and made her think Victor was with her because he pitied her. Thanks to Nikki’s scheme, Hope left GC and headed back to Kansas. But, The Mustache followed on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless: Hope Adams (Signy Coleman) - Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)

Y&R: Hope Adams Marries Victor — And Divorces Him Too

Y&R history reminds that while in Kansas, their attraction grew but Hope Adams was a virgin. This was another way she was unlike the other women in his life. They made love and Victor proposed. Next, the couple went back to GC to marry. And despite Nikki’s best attempts, Hope married Victor. Then, Hope soon got pregnant but discovered the baby was likely to inherit her blindness. So, Victor wanted her to terminate the pregnancy.

She refused. When she returned to the farm to care for her injured ex, she decided to stay. Hope Adams divorced Victor and he agreed to let her raise their son on the farm. She married her ex-fiancé and he adopted Adam, who went by Victor Junior. After her husband died, Hope and Adam returned to GC. But, she was never comfortable there. She went back to Kansas to stay, reminds Young and the Restless history.

Young and The Restless: Hope Adams Loses Battle With Cancer

In 2008, Y&R wrote a plot where Hope Adams was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Victor flew to be by her side. While on her death bed, she told Adam that Victorrwas his real father. She passed away and Victor urged his son to move to Genoa City. Since her death, Hope Adams made a few ghostly visits. She visited Adam to let him know his terrible actions kept her from resting in peace.

Then, she visited Victor to help him be a better person. Her spirit also helped Adam when he was temporarily blind. Hope was a loving mother and a good person. So, it might do Adam some good to emulate his mother. Keep watching Young and The Restless on CBS to see what Hope Adams’ troubled son Adam Newman does next.

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