‘Young and the Restless’: What’s Up With Nikki Newman’s Hair – Melody Thomas Scott Scott Addresses ‘Wig Gate’

Young and the Restless fans are asking what’s up with Nikki Newman‘s (Melody Thomas Scott) hair. Cleary, Melody’s as beautiful as ever – but since the CBS soap resumed filming with the new COVID restrictions, Nikki’s not looking as put together as usual. Let’s dig into what’s going on at Y&R.

Update: Melody addressed “wig gate” and confirmed our theory on the hair action behind the scenes – scroll to see what she said.

Young and the Restless Viewers Comment on Nikki Newman’s Bizarre Hair

Since Y&R resumed new episodes, viewers noted that Nikki Newman’s hair wasn’t its usual sleek, well-styled appearance. Instead, it was obviously a wig. It looked stiff, unmoving, and at some angles, not entirely flattering. Of course, Melody looks great in anything, so it’s not her fault.

You can see below some fan comments after Young and the Restless episodes aired with Nikki. They asked if Nikki Newman’s wearing a wig, and if so, why. Others commented that they know salons are closed in California but asked, “what is happening?” with the CBS daytime star.

Nikki’s hair is a hot-button topic on social media and in Young and the Restless forums. Everyone wants to know why Nikki Newman’s in what seems to be a wig. Well — we’ve got some information for you. Things changed on the set, and that’s why her look changed on Y&R.

Young and the Restless: Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)

Y&R’s Strict New Rules Changed Services for Actors

While Young and the Restless comments focus on Nikki’s hair, some notice other actors look different too. To get back to shooting the CBS sudser, they had to make certain sacrifices. You’ll notice, first of all, the social distance between actors – and no cuddling.

The only people kissing on Young and the Restless are real-life couples. Plus, actors must do their own hair and makeup. So, you’ll notice the men are make-up free and scruffy. The ladies apply cosmetics and dress their hair – with varying results – such as with Nikki.

Look at the photo below of Melody at home. The Young and the Restless actress looks gorgeous. And she posted pictures on her social looking fantastic during the quarantine. So, it’s not clear why the soap had her wear a stiff wig instead of using her natural blond locks.

Young and the Restless: Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)

How Long Will Nikki’s Awkard Hair Phase Last on Young and the Restless?

Perhaps Melody chose a wig because she needs her roots touched up and can’t get to a salon in LA. California’s governor recently reopened hair salons but then closed them again, so if she needs a color tweak, the Nikki Newman actress can’t get it right now.

And, Nikki’s not the only character that’s getting style comments from Young and the Restless watchers. One fan asked that Victoria Newman (AKA Amelia Heinle) run a brush through her hair – see that up above. And viewers love Mark Grossman’s look and requested that he style himself from now on.

Meanwhile, comments about Young and the Restless also said Brytni Sarpy’s natural curls are a delight, and Hunter King’s long locks are lovely. But if you look at remarks about makeup and hairstyles, most are about Nikki Newman asking what is going on – and now you know why. But, hopefully they’ll get the makeup artists and hairstylists back to work on the set soon.

UPDATE: See what the actress said –

Young and the Restless: Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)

As we figured, the actors do not have access to the hair and makeup team, so that’s why Nikki is in a wig. And MTS promised we’ll see her “real hair” soon. She seems unbothered by the questions and laughed off what she calls “wig gate.”

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