‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers: Week of 11-15 Spoilers & Teaser

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal the custody battle for Christian moves forward wreaking havoc on some relationships while other couples get closer.

Monday – June 11th 

Y&R spoilers reveal Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) warns Sharon (Sharon Case) about something. It seems Sharon is determined to help Nick (Joshua Morrow) Keep his son in the custody battle with his father Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). However, Nikki knows what Victor is capable of. Will Sharon listen?

Devon (Bryton James) is going to have an interesting day when he gets a special something from the mother of his unborn child, his ex-wife and new housemate Hilary (Mishael Michael). What does Hilary have in store for Devon now?

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Tuesday – June 12th

Jack (Peter Bergman) decides to turn his life’s focus into something more productive. He is going to try and find his father and get some answers instead.

The Newman war is on as Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Victor(Eric Braeden) stand firm in their positions about Nick’s son Christian. Both men will claim that they have the right to have custody of the little boy.

Summer (Hunter King) seems intent on making everyone in her world upset including ex-boyfriend Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor). However, on Tuesday Summer will seem to have a change of heart and make nice with Kyle for a bit.

Confirmed: Mishael Morgan is Out!

Wednesday – June 13th

Y&R spoilers hint that Sharon is going to face some serious scrutiny. Will she be able to stand up to the pressure or will it cause her to crack? Abby (Melissa Ordway) will get to know more about the Latin lover Arturo(Jason Canella) who has captured her attention. Will what she learns draw her closer to Arturo or cause her to run the other way? Neil (Kristoff St. John)  will stumble on to something intriguing about Dina’s (Marla Adams) past. Will this information help Jack in the search for his father?

Thursday – June 14th 

Nick is going to make a vow to take everything his father holds near and dear to him. It seems that Nick has reached his limit with Victor and his interference.

Charlie Ashby (Noah Alexander Geary) is losing his heart hard and fast for Shauna (Camryn Hamm), but Charlie may want to be careful.

Billy Abbott has been playing peacemaker and now he wants Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) to make some alterations. He may want their lives back to the way they were before her daughter came home and took over the apartment.

Friday – June 15th

Hilary and Devon are going to take the time to celebrate their reunion. Y&R fans know it has been a long time coming. Father’s Day is going strained in the Newman family with the war between Nick and Victor still raging. Jack is going to find out something he never anticipated.

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