‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Theo Gets Dina’s Fortune – Kyle Furious

Young and the Restless spoilers point to Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson) getting his hands on part of Dina Mergeron‘s (Marla Adams) fortune while Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) pouts about their family tie. Soon, Theo gets a bigger role on the CBS soap. He meets his grandma Dina and this is a big moment. Clearly, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and his other siblings open the gates to let in Theo. But Kyle just wants him gone. And if Theo gets to run Dina’s empire, that puts him on equal footing with Kyle. Take a look at the coming action on Y&R.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Dina Mergeron’s Estate – Who Gets What – Theo Vanderway Inherits?

One thing’s clear from Monday’s Y&R spoilers. Dina Mergeron knows all about the son she gave up for adoption. When she met Theo Vanderway and heard his last name, she immediately mentioned his dad Eric Vanderway (John Briddell) by name. Although Eric’s reportedly dead, he should get some scenes. Unless of course, he faked his death for some reason. This is, after all, a soap opera with faked deaths and resurrections common occurrences. What we’ll see on Young and the Restless is that Dina Mergeron kept track of her son – at least to some extent – as she knew his adoptive name.

This is a huge deal to Theo Vanderway, who doesn’t seem to have much family – and none that he knew of in Genoa City, for sure. And while he’s not an Abbott, so doesn’t stand to inherit there, Dina Mergeron’s a mogul in her own right. So, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine that Jack and his sisters make sure Theo Vanderway’s cut into the estate. And perhaps Dina’s will was crafted to cover her Vanderway son and his offspring, hint Young and the Restless spoilers. It looks like they’re trying to expand the legacy family with this plot twist. But Kyle Abbott hates it.

Y&R Spoilers: Theo Vanderway’s Not Going Anywhere – Kyle Abbott Acts Out

Young and the Restless spoilers say with this family tie revealed, the rest of the Abbotts are thrilled to know their new nephew. But Kyle Abbott gets poutier by the day and is certain that Theo’s scamming them. But there’s a DNA test done and it came back a match. Plus, Theo didn’t go looking for any of this. Jack and Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) discovered the son that Dina Mergeron gave up for adoption. And there’s the matter of Dina’s estate planning. Since she’s deteriorating, whatever will and testament she drafted while she was in sound mind will stand up in court.

And since Young and the Restless showed Dina Mergeron knew about her other son, perhaps she made room in the will for him to stake a claim. She might have said that all her children and descendants share equally in the fortune she’ll leave behind from Mergeron Enterprises. That would include Theo Vanderway. And after the “blood Abbott” debacle last year, it seems likely Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) will stand up for another of Dina’s kids born from another man. And, Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Ashley’s back soon. So, it could be that Kyle Abbott finds himself alone opposing Theo Vanderway.

Young and the Restless: How Will Theo Handle This Change of Circumstances

Y&R spoilers remind when Theo Vanderway first came to Genoa City, he was a mover and shaker representing influencers. Now, his career’s taken a dip and he’s struggling. So, finding out he’s a Mergeron means his fortunes should reverse significantly. And there’s no reason for Theo not to take an inheritance from his grandmother, despite what Kyle says. But if he gets to tap into Dina Mergeron’s millions and her multi-national corporation, will he go back to his bad-boy ways? Or will Theo show maturity and step up to do his newfound grandma proud on Young and the Restless?

It’s too bad Dina’s in no shape to really bond with Theo, but this is a big deal in terms of the character canvas, predict Young and the Restless spoilers. Not only does Theo Vanderway get a new life that puts him on a parallel with Kyle Abbott. But, he’s also got a growing friendship with Kyle’s wife. Plus, Kyle’s alienating much of the family – and his spouse – with this attitude. The only one that sees eye to eye with him on this is Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson).

So, wait to see what happens and whether Theo Vanderway gets a slice of Dina Mergeron’s fortune while Kyle Abbott tries to run him out of town on the CBS sudser.

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