‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Paul’s Bombshell Return Tied to JT Reveal?

Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Paul Williams’ (Doug Davidson) hot return plot may tie into the return of JT Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill). The new head writer is trying to undo the damage done by Mal Young. Returning beloved characters like Paul to the character canvas is a start. Here’s what may be coming on Y&R on CBS as the lovable Genoa City police chief returns.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Paul Williams Returns With JT Hellstrom?

Everyone knows by now that Y&R brings back Paul and JT soon. Paul returns the week of March 25. Both Doug Davidson and Thad Luckinbill were spotted on the soap set around the end of February, aligning to them returning the same week based on the three to four week delay from taping to air date. This does not seem like a coincidence.

Plus, in a recent interview, Luckinbill said his return came up as soon as Josh Griffith took over as Young and the Restless showrunner. Right away, it seemed the new writer was working to make things right. That meant bringing back legacy characters like Paul Williams, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davison), and Adam Newman (as a recast). It also meant closing out the dragging storyline of JT Hellstrom.

Y&R Spoilers: If Paul Finds JT, He’ll Save Nikki Newman

Recent episodes of Young and the Restless show Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) slapped with a hefty 30-year prison sentence. With her health issues and age, it’s more like a death sentence. Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) vowed to protect his family. But Nikki soon heads to prison along with the other ladies. Although, their punishments weren’t as steep.

Paul Williams married Christine Williams (Lauralee Bell), but still cares for Nikki deeply and doesn’t want her rotting in prison. Unfortunately, his current wife hates the Newmans and had made it her life’s work to punish them. Plus, Paul can’t stand Victor. So, one-upping him by bringing JT Hellstrom back alive serves two purposes. It saves Nikki and shows he’s outdone The Mustache on Y&R.

Young and the Restless: Paul Back for Good – JT Back for Closure

All the latest Y&R spoilers indicate that JT Hellstrom returns only to shut down this awful, never-ending abuse storyline. At this point, whether it’s JT that was the bad guy or he’s got an evil twin, fans just want this plot over and done. Whatever Josh Griffith writes, they just want an end. But, if he can somehow redeem JT Hellstrom, even better.

With Paul Williams, fans want him back for good. Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) is nice eye candy at the GCPD, but Police Chief Paul was missed and is much-needed. All signs point to Young and the Restless bringing Paul back for good. Spoilers hint he’ll find JT and drag him back to exonerate Nikki Newman. The murder conviction with no corpse was already absurd. So, JT alive ends the farce.

Y&R Big Returns in Less Than Two Weeks

It’s time for Young and the Restless fans to get excited. The CBS soap promised an explosive return for Paul and JT. Now, spoilers hint these two events are linked and it could be Paul Williams that corners JT Hellstrom to save the day. Clearly, someone is lurking in Genoa City, so it’s just a matter of the chief tracking him down and hauling him into the light.

Get ready for Y&R to begin its return back to the soap fans love – and missed while Mal Young was wrecking it under his tenure. Check out new episodes as we count down the days to Paul and JT’s epic return and the long-awaited wrap to this mediocre murder story.

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