Young and the Restless Spoilers Video: Nikki in ICU – Nate Says She’ll Die – Christmas Tragedy in GC

The Young and the Restless spoilers from a new promo video show Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) in a coma and things look dire after Reed Hellstrom (Tristan Lake Leabu) mowed her down. The Newmans are falling apart. Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) crumbles. Nate Hastings (Brooks Darnell) tells the family to say their goodbyes and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) is in despair. It looks like a very unmerry Christmas in Genoa City.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Newman at Death’s Door – Holiday Horror

What is Mal Young doing to the CBS soap? Will Nikki Newman make this out of this horrific situation in one piece? Will she be sidelined in a coma and offscreen or will it be a “Christmas miracle” as the promo title suggests that brings the Newman matriarch back from the brink of death? The Y&R spoilers from the promo suggest it’s touch and go and Nikki is in the ICU. But how did she wind up there?

Reed Hellstrom was trying to do the right thing on Young and the Restless. He took the wheel when Charlie Ashby (Noah Alexander Gerry) was boozing underage at a party. Reed doesn’t want Charlie to get caught in a DUI like he was. However, Reed Hellstrom is driving on a suspended license, so it’s not a good situation. Nikki Newman falls off the wagon and under the wheels of the car but the teenage boys don’t see her.

Red Hellstrom Terrified of Consequences for Running Over Grandma

In the Young and the Restless new video, you see a glimpse of Nikki Newman looking much like a deer in the headlights before she’s run over by Reed. She’s knocked into a snowbank and the boys don’t know they hit someone. Once they do realize it was them that ran over Nikki, Reed Hellstrom is distraught. It doesn’t help when his uncle Nick Newman vows, “I’m going to find the person that did this”.

Then Nick Newman adds ominously, “He’s going to pay”. Reed Hellstrom heads to the GC hospital to see the aftermath of his poor driving. To be fair, Nikki staggered drunk into the road. Reed’s suspended license was not to blame and he was stone cold sober. But as he stares down at his grandma in bad shape, Reed Hellstrom says tearfully, “This is all my fault”.

Nick Newman Goes Berserk at Hospital – Threats and Rage

Other scenes from the Young and the Restless just released video have Nick Newman going nuts while others hold him back. Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) is there and trying to keep Nick from attacking someone. It could be Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) that he goes after, given their recent animosity. The big question is where is Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)?

Noah Newman (Robert Adamson) is back to Y&R. And, finally after a long time off-screen, Eric Braeden is bakc as Victor Newman. But don’t get too excited. He might not be back in Genoa City in the flesh. The latest info says that while in her coma, Nikki Newman has visions of herself in a white dress and Victor is there at her side, but only in her fever dream. Will he show up for real though?

Y&R Spoilers: “Prepare for the Worst”

How much more can Nick Newman stand to lose on Young and the Restless? Sage Newman (Kelly Sullivan) died on him. Plus, he thought his son died. His brother Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) was blown up. Summer Newman (Hunter King) and Noah Newman both skipped town. Plus Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) humiliated him, although justifiably, with a meltdown on their wedding day.

Although everyone in the Y&R promo is upset, Nick, in particular, is taking it hard. He can’t lose his mother. Let’s hope that, like the title says, the Newmans get a “Christmas miracle” and Nikki wakes up. But given how Mal Young seems to have a personal hit list of legacy characters, you never know… Plus how rough is that he brought back Reed Hellstrom only to have him plow down his G-Ma? Watch CBS weekdays to see the Y&R action for Nikki Newman’s coming medical crisis.

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