‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: JT Murder Solved In Bizarre Twist

Young and the Restless spoilers suggest it’s time for the JT Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill) saga to come to an end. Several people in Genoa City still face big problems in the wake of this crime. Believe it or not, something bizarre occurs and those who are guilty find someone out there is now protecting them.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – JT Hellstrom Story Finally Over?

When the truth comes out, so do the names of the four ladies involved in the coverup. With that said, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) is a very sick woman. If Nikki faced prison time over this crime, she couldn’t survive prison with her health condition. This becomes a major worry for her loved ones, according to the Young and the Restless spoilers.

While Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) advocated on Friday’s Y&R episode for the ladies to come clean, Phyllis Abbott  (Gina Tognoni) was dead set against that move. With Nikki still missing, Victoria thought the truth about JT’s disappearance might lead police to whoever has Nikki Newman.


Y&R Spoilers – Genoa City Dwellers Shocked

Just when it looked like Victoria was about to turn rogue, Phyllis talked her out of it. According to spoilers from the soap magazines, the truth about JT’s fate comes to light in the new year. Young and the Restless spoilers indicate the people close to the ladies of the coverup are shocked to learn they were in cahoots.

Considering the dynamics of this foursome, they make strange bedfellows. With at least two of these women tagged as arch-enemies in the past, this is one big pill to swallow for many folks in Genoa City. This is a case where the truth of how they allied is stranger than fiction since they are an unlikely combination.

Truth Emerges on Nikki Newman and the Hit and Run

Sharon Newman (Sharon Case), Victoria, and Phyllis are overwhelmed when they find out the truth about the hit and run that almost killed Nikki Newman. The weeks of looking over their shoulders come to an abrupt stop. As does living in fear that they might meet the same fate. When Reed Hellstrom (Tristan Lake Leabu) finally comes forward, their worries subside.

Victoria, Sharon, Phyllis, and Nikki suffer repercussions once it’s revealed they played a part in the JT coverup. Starting with Billy and Victoria, who just began to revisit their relationship suggest the spoilers for next week’s Young and the Restless. It looked somewhat promising until the news of Victoria’s involvement in the JT Hellstrom case emerged.

JT’s Murder Repercussions

Phyllis and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) suffer fallout as well while Phyllis still continues along in self-protection mode. She’s not fessing up to anything if she doesn’t have to. So Phyllis maintains that she played a minimal part in what happened.

While the truth comes out about about the alliance of Nikki, Victoria, Phyllis, and Sharon, an unbelievable twist blooms. This not only changes everything but it conjures up an even bigger Young and the Restless mystery.

Y&R Spoilers – Ladies of the Coverup Didn’t Kill JT?

It seems someone steps forward to “take the rap for murdering JT” according to the spoilers. Not only does this now complicate their lives but it sends the women of the alliance into a direction that holds even more danger. So who really killed JT Hellstrom if they didn’t? If Nikki didn’t strike the fatal blow, someone else finished him off.

The mystery confession gets the ladies off the hook for his murder. However, they still had something to do with a coverup regarding the body of JT Hellstrom. Was he alive at the time they buried him? There are still some questions that must be answered. Watch Y&R weekdays on CBS.

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