‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers: Heated Custody Battle-Who Wins?


Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Victor Newman(Eric Braeden) is showing his ruthless side against his own son Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) yet again, proving the Moustache lacks feelings and compassion even with his own flesh and blood.

 It appears that Victor Newman may be gearing up to take his son Nicholas to court for a custody battle over the child Nick has been raising for most of his life.

Victor is punishing Nick once again 

Rumors say that Victor is extremely angry that Nick turned down the COO job at Newman and he wants to punish his son for not doing what was expected of him. It’s no secret to Y&R fans that Christian’s(Jamie and Alister Tobias) mother Sage (Kelly Sullivan) had a paternity test done and the results revealed that Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) was Christian’s father and not Nick as Sage had hoped.

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Victor holding Christian over Nick’s head

Y&R fans know that Victor held this secret over Adam’s head and used it to control his life until the day that he disappeared. We all know Victor is ruthless that way. Well, it looks like Victor is about to take his rottenness to a whole new level. Since he is now unhappy with Nick’s decision to turn down his job offer Victor is going to go after what Nick holds most dear, his son Christian.

Nick wants to leave town ASAP

Rumors say that Nick isn’t going to take this laying down. Instead of waiting for his father to come after his little boy Nick is going to take action to protect him and his family. He wants to move away from Genoa City, but everyone knows that won’t stop Victor. He will just hunt him down and try to steal Christian away.

Will Nick succeed where Adam failed?

It seems that Nick may have to get creative to fight this attack by his father. Fighting Victor in court isn’t an option either because Victor can buy any judge he wants. Nick may have to use some of his own Newman influence if he wants to keep his son.

What do you think? Can Nick outmaneuver Victor? Will he stick around for the battle or take his family and get as far away from GC and Victor Newman as he can? Who will win the custody battle for Christian in the end?

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