‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Colin Atkinson ‘Old Jerk’ Behind Fake Kay Chancellor Will?

Young and the Restless spoilers tease Colin Atkinson (Tristan Rogers) could be “the old jerk” referred to as the mastermind of this Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) plot to change her will. There’s not that many old dudes rocking around Genoa City anyway.

So, unless the CBS soap brings in a new character, the choices are few and far between. Of those, Colin’s the one that makes sense and that’s a bad enough guy to perpetrate this fraud. And it wouldn’t be the first time he’s pulled something like this.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Colin Atkinson’s Murky Past With Kay Chancellor

Longtime Y&R watchers know Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) pretended for years to be Phillip Chancellor III – at Phillip’s own request. He faked DNA tests to keep the ploy going. In the interim, his father Colin Atkinson came on the scene in Genoa City. But it was a while before their relationship came out to the locals – although viewers knew it a long time before the big reveal.

Colin Atkinson first got close to Kay Chancellor by seducing his way into Jill Abbott’s (Jess Walton) bed and her life. He was a mob boss and con man from the get-go and much worse. He had Cane gunned down to punish him for ratting him to the law back in Australia. Of course, it turned out evil twin Caleb Ashby bit the bullet instead on Young and the Restless. Spoilers hint Colin’s up to his old games again.

Y&R Spoilers: Amanda Sinclair Mentions “Old Jerk”

Young and the Restless spoilers remind that Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) fumed this week that she should never have let this old guy get her into this mess, referring to the lawsuit. When Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) overheard, she covered, but it was clear to viewers. So, there’s someone older and not so nice behind this plot – Colin Atkinson meets both criteria. And there’s only four older men on the canvas.

There’s Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), but he loved Kay and wouldn’t dishonor her memory this way. And he’s got no grudge against Devon. Then, there’s Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) who wouldn’t do this either. If they really reach, they might bring back shady Ian Ward (Ray Wise) – who’s always a bunch of fun. But that seems unlikely, too. Young and the Restless spoilers say Colin Atkinson’s the likely choice.

Young and the Restless: Is Cane Ashby In On This?

Right now, Y&R spoilers have Cane running around Vegas (then getting kidnapped) looking for answers. That makes it look like he’s in the dark and not part of this plot. But the fact that he’s the one that gets all the money in the new will is another sign it’s his dad, Colin Atkinson. As of now, it seems Cane’s not part of the con. However, that could always change.

Young and the Restless spoilers could see Cane joining his dad’s con as a way to punish Devon. After all, Devon pressing charges on Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) and sending her to prison wrecked Cane’s marriage. But of all the older characters on the CBS sudser, Colin Atkinson’s a jerk, and he’s older, and totally capable of a plot like this. Keep watching Y&R to see how this plays out.

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