‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Chelsea Newman’s New Obsession with son Johnny Explained?

Young and the Restless spoilers recall Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) suddenly seems interested in her biological son Johnny Abbott (Holden Hare). She keeps asking to see him, which angered Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) but is there more to this than we’ve seen so far on the CBS soap opera?

Who Are Johnny Abbott’s Parents on Young and the Restless?

Some Y&R viewers may not recall young John Abbott IV’s origin story. Here’s a quick look at Johnny Abbott’s history. His biological parents are Chelsea Newman and Billy Abbott. And, them making a child together was not about love or romance on the CBS sudser.

When she first turned up on Young and the Restless, she accused Billy of raping her while he was on the run. Later, Chelsea admitted she lied about the assault — but was pregnant with his child. A paternity test proved that her baby was Billy’s offspring on Y&R.

Next, con-woman Chelsea Newman decided baby Johnny Abbott didn’t fit into her grifter life on Young and the Restless. So, she let Billy and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) adopt her son. Since then, she’s shown almost no interest in Johnny over the years.

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) - Johnny Abbott (Holden Hare) - Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson)

Y&R Spoilers: Chelsea Newman’s Keeping a Big Secret

Young and the Restless spoilers remind that Chelsea brought up biological son Johnny Abbott several times lately. First, she asked to visit Johnny — and Billy said an emphatic “no.” Then, she tried another tactic and asked to have Johnny for an overnight visit. And that suggestion drove Billy nuts.

Of course, Billy warned Victoria about Chelsea Newman’s strange new fixation with their son Johnny on Young and the Restless. However, it seems there’s more to this. There’s a long-simmering spoiler that she’s harboring a huge secret from everyone on the soap opera.

And the secret she holds, on Young and the Restless, could explain why Chelsea keeps asking to get to know Johnny Abbott. Perhaps she needs something from her son — and needs to get close to him to get it. But, what could Chelsea need from Johnny that she’s keeping secret?

Remember, she’s passed out a couple of times lately, even before she was kidnapped. So, there’s something going on with Chelsea that’s not come out yet on Y&R.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan)

Does Chelsea Need a Donation from Johnny on Young and the Restless?

Spoilers hint that Chelsea Newman might be sick but hasn’t told anyone. And, it could be an illness that’s curable with a donation of some sort — like bone marrow. So, Chelsea might want time with Johnny Abbott to get a hair or other sample to test for a match to know if it’s even feasible.

On Young and the Restless, without an explanation like this, Chelsea asking to see Johnny makes zero sense. Plus, there’s the lingering, unfulfilled Y&R spoiler about Chelsea Newman’s secret. If she’s sick, she hid it from everyone, including Adam Newman (Mark Grossman).

A secret sickness on Young and the Restless certainly justifies Chelsea’s sudden interest in Johnny — whom she’s not really mentioned in years. But unless Chelsea Newman comes clean, Johnny Abbott’s legal parents will close ranks against her on CBS daytime. Wait and watch…

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