‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Kicks Sharon To Curb – Will She Come Crawling Back?

Young and the Restless spoilers hint Sharon Newman‘s (Sharon Case) shaken when Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) shoved her out his door. He admitted that he’s alone and desperate. But not so desperate that he’s going to settle for lukewarm feelings from her.

When Sharon came to him, offering herself as a prize for him saving Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), what did she think would happen? It seemed like Sharon Newman thought by dangling a little piece of herself, she’d get him to jump through hoops. So what Adam did stunned her.

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Young and the Restless Spoilers: Sharon Newman Needs a Reality Check

Y&R spoilers have many fans waiting to see Shadam re-spark. But, Sharon Newman herself is the obstacle. Adam Newman’s hurting so badly right now. His whole family’s against him and almost everyone in Genoa City sees him as a pariah. He wants to be with Sharon and has for a while.

And Sharon’s not brave enough to be with him. Adam wants her to say she loves him but she refuses. She’s fighting her urge to be with him but Adam’s stubborn and won’t let her dangle a little bit of herself. He wants it all – passion, love, and a real relationship.

So, refusing to settle, Adam Newman pushed her out his front door and said “no thanks”. This seemed to take Sharon Newman off guard. The bottom line is he wants her to want him “as-is”. Adam doesn’t want her to love the man he could be, predict Young and the Restless spoilers – but the man he is right now.

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Y&R Spoilers: Will Sharon Realize It’s Adam Newman She Wants?

It seems pretty clear from Young and the Restless spoilers that the soap’s pairing Sharon Newman with Adam Newman even though their last tryst was years ago. But Shadam’s been teased ever since the prodigal son was revealed alive and in Las Vegas.

Of all people, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) chose Sharon to come help him lure Adam back to Genoa City. That seemed an off-beat choice, but it quickly became apparent that Sharon-Adam was the first romance the new writing regime wanted for the resurrected Newman.

Now, Sharon’s letting other people tell her what to do. Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) in her ear, bossing everyone around who’d be kind to Adam, and warning them away. He told Sharon to stay away from his brother and heavily influenced her, remind Young and the Restless spoilers.

Young and the Restless: Rejection Changes Sharon’s Mind?

Y&R spoilers show that Adam Newman rejecting Sharon startled her. Later this week, she goes and tells Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) she had a breakthrough with Adam. But it looks more like a breakdown of any chance they had. When will Sharon stop fighting her feelings?

Adam Newman pushed her away and made it clear he won’t let her manipulate him. Young and the Restless spoilers tell us Adam wants her love and acceptance with no conditions. And he’s offering her the same – unconditional love. Will she finally wake up and take what he offers?

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Rey Rosales’ (Jordi Vilasuso) waits in the wings. But he’s the safe choice. Her passion’s with Adam Newman as we’ve seen. But until Sharon Newman admits it to herself, Shadam’s on the shelf. Watch and see how things shift soon on Y&R on CBS weekdays.

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