‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Corners Nick – Demands Christian Custody and Pile of Cash

Young and the Restless spoilers say Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) tells Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) that he’ll get out of his hair, but he wants several parting gifts. Nick has been miserable since his half-brother resurrected, so he’ll be thrilled to hear that Adam’s willing to ditch Genoa City. Unfortunately, his brother’s demands represent Nick’s worst nightmare. These are hot CBS soap spoilers direct from Y&R head writer Josh Griffith – so check it out.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Wants Everything

The latest Y&R spoilers have Adam making Nick an offer he’ll definitely refuse. If he gives Adam Newman what he wants, Nick Newman will be left with nothing but perfect hair and a lot of regrets. So, what is it that the prodigal son demands? In a word – everything. Big brother Nick made it clear that he wants his little brother gone.

Nick is no fan of The Mustache Jr and wants the guy to pack his bag and go. Adam will leave but at a steep cost. Writer Josh Griffith revealed there are three big things that the prodigal son wants before he’ll leave Nick in peace. But without these three things, is there a life left for Nick to live, ask Young and the Restless spoilers.

Y&R Spoilers: Adam Asks Nick Newman for Too Much

It’s clear from Young and the Restless spoilers that Victor Newman (Eric Braeden Gudegast) wants to keep Adam in town and under his thumb. But with his memories back, Adam Newman knows their messy history. Plus, he sees that he’s the town pariah. His family, aside from his father, doesn’t like him much at all. Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) is in his corner too and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) doesn’t hate him. But that’s not many compared to his foes.

So, the latest Y&R spoilers hint that Adam Newman sees Nick’s animosity as his ticket out of town. Since more than anyone, Nick wants him gone, little brother thinks he’s the key to getting a new life far from Genoa City. But for a guy that plays professional poker, he doesn’t know strategy so well. Because he overplays his hand with Nick Newman. He asks for too much for the little that he offers. Other than his absence, Adam doesn’t have much to bargain with on Young and the Restless.

Adam Newman Asks Brother To Give Him Everything He Wants

While Adam regained his memories, there’s a huge gap in knowledge there. Remember, Young and the Restless paired Nick with Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) while Adam Newman was “dead”. But Adam doesn’t know Nick was bedding and planning a wedding with Chelsea. So, what Adam asks of Nick is unacceptable to his big bro. He essentially wants Nick to set him up in the life that Nick himself wanted.

The writer offered these Y&R spoilers. Adam asks Nick Newman for $500 million (yes you’re reading that right). Wonder if Adam will hold his pinkie finger up Dr Evil-style when he asks for that fat stack of cash. Next, he wants Nick to sign over custody of Christian Newman (Ozzy & Jude McGuigan). And to ice the cake, he’d like his brother to give him Chelsea’s digits so he can stop by and pick her and Connor Newman up to run away for a happily ever after.

Count on Nick to tell Adam a rapid “hell no”. Of course, those are all things the resurrected and recovering amnesiac can get for himself if he’s patient. But patience never was Victor Newman Jr’s strong suit. So, this refused request sets the stage for an epic summer custody battle, Chelsea’s return to an uncomfortable situation with two men that want her, and lots more Adam Newman antics.

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